Some Cropped Walking Sticks at Bargain Prices

We have had a tidy up at the warehouse and have found some extra short sticks that were unwanted cropped walking sticks. We have just put them for sale on the website in the extra short section. They are all one-offs only but we can of course crop and of the standard length wooden sticks to the size you need. So if you are looking for a stick between 76 and 86cm tall then it’s worth checking out the following page: Extra Short Walking Sticks.
These sticks are all at greatly reduced prices. There’s a bamboo crook handled cane at 86cm, a silver plated cane at 82cm, an anatomical right handed walking stick at 80cm, a lovely Derby cane (which is incidentally discontinued now) at 80cm, a brass handled cane at 76cm and a plain brown crutch cane at 78cm. We also have two collectible, animal topper canes at 74cm, a chrome plated cane on a cherry shaft at 87cm and a smart Derby cane at 85cm. These are all pretty short so please do double check the height required before you buy. To help with conversions between centimeters and inches please use this handy tool on the website: cm/inches converter.
Don’t forget that as long as its a wooden shaft then we or you can crop it too the height required with a fine-toothed hacksaw.