Shortened Walking Sticks Going Cheap

A man walks into a pet shop and says, “How you got any dogs going cheap?” and the Pet Shop owner says, “No, all our dogs go woof, woof”

Ha, ha, boom, boom..

That reminds me, we have added some sticks to the extra short walking sticks page that have already been shortened and are therefore being sold at bargain prices.

These sticks have been shortened on request but then the orders were cancelled for whatever reason, leaving a cropped stick to sell. The heights range from 74cm to 85cm with the height of each stick stated clearly in each description.

To determine the height of the stick you need, stand up straight with your arms flat to your sides and measure the distance from your wrist to the ground. This is the height you need. You can do this by asking someone to help you or buy holding a tape measure and letting the end touch the ground and reading off the measurement yourself.

The choice of cropped walking sticks includes; brass plated handled, silver plated handled, two blackthorn sticks, a Bull dog topper and a bamboo cane.

There is only one of each stick available so if the size fits, then snap up a bargain today!