Can I Buy a Walking Stick with a Longer Shaft than the one Advertised Online?

This is another question that we are asked frequently by email and over the phone. And the answer is yes and no! We try and keep a big range of walking sticks so that customers can buy a particular stick with a particular handle at a particular height. We like to be able to offer every combination but sometimes that’s not possible.

The cropping service we offer is to make sticks shorter than advertised but occasionally people want to make the shaft longer. Most of the canes we stock are supplied to us as one piece so that the shank cannot be made longer.

However, we do have at our disposal a number of talented stick-makers who can make virtually anything so it is worth your while to email your requirements and we will see what can be done for you. This bespoke service usually takes only a week or two and is for sticks with wooden shafts only. Please contact us on the following link:

Contact us with your walking stick enquiries