Velvet Handled Derby Walking Sticks

This week we have added some elegant Derby walking canes to the collection. All four of these sticks have velvet covered handles that are both comfortable to hold and look fantastic.

For ladies we have two black; one with a black velvet covered handle and one with Burgandy velvet, and one brown with a chocolate brown velvet handle. The ladies sticks are lightweight (just 280 grams) and have small handles.

Burgandy Velvet Covered Walking Stick
Burgandy Velvet Covered Walking Stick

For men, we have a black stick with a large black velvet covered handle. The men’s version is stouter (400 grams) and the handle measures 13 x 2.8 cm, so much wider than the ladies or standard Derby cane handles.

All four are available in stock and you can get one delivered to your UK address tomorrow! Just click on the image above to see all of this week’s new additions to the website.