New Designer Danish Crook Handled Walking Sticks Now In

Checkout our beautiful new range of crook handled walking sticks by Omhu, a Danish brand. Omhu means “with great care” in Danish and they certainly have taken great care in the design and manufacture of this fantastic range of walking sticks.

Colourful Omhu Walking Stick Collection
Colourful Omhu Walking Stick Collection

There are three different sticks to choose from in a range of bright and beautiful colours. You can also buy a stylish dock so that you can hang your stick on the wall next to your favorite chair or by the door.

The maximum user weight is a reassuring 136 kilograms (21 stone) but the canes weigh only 270g each. The patented ferrule uses the same technology that is used to make running shoes, providing a very good grip and superior cushioning.

The sticks are pre-cut to three different heights, so you can choose the right height for you. They are made from bicycle grade aluminium, they are strong, beautiful and everyone will want one when they see you with yours!

As you can probably tell, we are quite excited about these and hope that they will be just as liked by you!

Emily comments, “I like a lot of things made by Danes. I have found some amazing children’s footwear and outdoor clothing companies in Denmark and they all have superior quality and design in common. I hope our customers like these sticks.”

Click on the following link to take a look and order one today! Danish Walking Sticks