New Colourful Crook Walking Sticks to Buy Online

We have just added a fab new range of very colourful walking sticks to the website.

Colourful Crook Walking Sticks
Colourful Crook Walking Sticks

This lovely range of crook handled walking canes are made from lucite. Lucite is a durable and robust material that is used to make many everyday items. The range of walking sticks is available in opaque, transparent, fluorescent and clear finishes, so there are options to mix and match with outfits and accessories.

You can view the entire range and buy one or two at the same time 😉 by clicking on the following link: Colourful Crook Handled Walking Sticks

These walking sticks are all 38 inches (96.5 cm) in overall height but the can be shortened (free of charge) to any height required. Just enter the height required when ordering and we will crop it for you.

To determine the correct height walking stick for you, stand up straight with your arms flat to your sides and measure the distance from your wrist to the floor.

You can also choose between two different handle sizes; 9cm or 10cm width. To determine what size handle you need, just compare an existing walking stick or compare your hand size to see if you have standard or larger sized hands.

These lovely walking sticks are suitable for users weighing up to 12.5 stone (81 kg).

Colours available are:

Transparent: Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple and Red

Opaque: Black, Blue, Copper, Gold, Silver, White, Red

Fluorescent: Green, Amber, Blue, Orange, Pink

Clear: Completely Clear, Bubbles

We hope you like them and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call or email us! Tel. 0208 123 8042, email form is on the website.

As with all of our other walking canes, we do offer quantity discounts on these new sticks so again please contact us for more information.