www.campetition.co.uk Competition Winners and Competition Stats

The www.campetition.co.uk that www.walkingsticksonline.co.uk was a part of, was a huge success. We have three lucky winners who each won a pair of hiking poles. There were also heaps of other camping gear prizes that were won too.
Here are some statistics from the competition that ran over a period of 14 days this month.

1. The camping gear giveaway competition gained widespread internet coverage, including on the Money Saving Expert website.

2. There were 11,907 visits to the campetition website.

3. 5,953 people entered the campetition.

4. 3,574 people completed our survey to enter the star prize draw.

5. 842 visitors clicked links to view further supplier product or company information.

6. There was a tonne of enthusiasm and engagement on social websites. www.campetition.co.uk had 346 shares of the main post on Facebook, gained around 1,500 likes and reached just over 50,000 people.

Isn’t the reach and success of social media and the internet amazing?!