Walking Sticks Online Review Collecting by Trustpilot

You may have noticed on our Google advert that we a star rating (currently 5 out of 5 :)) referring to our customer reviews.
You may also have noticed the Trustpilot badge on our website, or maybe you have received an email from Trustpilot asking you to spare a couple of minutes to write a review about us, good or bad!?

We have recently signed up with Trustpilot to collect customer reviews on our behalf so that we can keep our customer service up to speed and receive valuable feedback about our company. Trustpilot ask the customer to rate such things as:

Customer service, shipping (fast or not), prices, the selection, packaging and the ordering process

We are always trying to improve all of the above to keep everybody happy and continue to make a living so any feedback regarding these is gratefully received.

Also, all of the reviews are independent and can only be made by our customers, i.e you have to have made an order and received an order number to be able to write a review. This is important in knowing that you can trust the reviews are genuine. Before signing up with Trustpilot, we displayed all of the comments we received by email from Walking Sticks Online customers and put them on a page of the website which can be viewed on the following link: Walking Sticks Online Customer Comments. These are also genuine comments from genuine customers, naturally!

Positive feedback is great but it also helps our post-order customer service when things occasionally go wrong.

As they saying goes “Sharing is caring” so if you have a comment to make please take the time (only a couple of minutes) to share your comment when you receive the email or you can comment using Facebook.

Thank you!

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