Walking Sticks Online Cookie Statement

You may have noticed when surfing the web recently that websites have a message asking you to read their cookie statement. From May 26th 2011 it became EC Law for websites to inform users about the use of cookies on that site and installing some kind of noticable pop-up or link so that the user can agree to accept or not.

Cookie Law is the layman’s term for the Privacy and Electronic Communication (EC Directive) (Amendment) Regulation 2011. A cookie (not the crunchy chocolate chip kind :)) is a small text file that is put onto your computer for a certain amount of time to enable a website to offer the best experience for the user. Cookies don’t harm your computer and you can choose to disable them or delete them at any time. All browsers are different, but somewhere in the settings or help menu of your internet browser you will find out how to customize your cookie settings, either by disabling them completely or restricting them.

The thing is, if you turn off your cookies then some features of some sites won’t work properly. For instance, if you shop online on a site and have a login, then without cookies the site would not remember your login.

Data that is collected by cookies is usually non-personal, anonymous information such as traffic analysing cookies. Traffic analysing cookies tell the website owner which website pages were clicked on, how many times and for how long. NOT the names and addresses of who clicked where!! Such information is really useful for website owners to help them improve their running of their website.

Cookie files are also used to make things work properly, such as the navigation menu and the image zooming features on Walking Sticks Online. They are also helpful in that they help owners identify and fix errors on a site, making it another user-friendly improver.

We have updated our Cookie Statement page which gives details on the cookies we use on the site, their names, their purpose and where they are from. The cookies used on Walking Sticks Online are either from www.walkingsticksonline.co.uk, the shopping cart we use or from Google.

If you would like to read more about cookies and their uses, please visit any of the links below by copying and pasting them into your browser.




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