Walking Sticks on Pinterest

If you like looking at beautiful pictures, try Pinterest! I have spent many hours (possibly days, ahem) browsing this amazing website. It works like this; members join Pinterest and use it as a tool for collecting and organising their pictures, then other members can “like” or “follow” the board they have created.

It’s a great tool for collecting and organising pictures of a trip you are planning, holiday pictures, wish lists, projects (such as a house renovation) or just for beautiful, inspiring things that you want to look at all together in one place and to show other people.

I found this fantastic board of walking sticks http://www.pinterest.com/akell7/walking-sticks/

If you are interested in antique and/or unusual walking sticks then have a look today, you will be hooked! You can see a couple of examples below, they are truly amazing!

Ivory Octopus Walking Stick
Ivory Octopus Walking Stick
Antique Walking Stick - Snail
Antique Walking Stick – Snail

Pinterest is absolutely excellent for art, just to browse through the different collections is so inspiring and wonderful.