Walking Stick of the Week

The walking stick of the week this week must actually go to an accessory, the rubber walking stick ferrule.

All of the sticks we supply already have a steel, rubber or spiked steel ferrule attached to the end. The ferrule is a cap on the tip of the stick to protect it from wear and tear as it hits the ground.
The spiked metal ferrules are for use on soft ground such as the spike on a shooting stick which is designed to be used out in a field clay-pidgeoning shooting or birdwatching.
The plain metal ferrules, in steel or brass are general used on the formal, dress and collector’s canes to finish the stick.
The rubber ferrules can be pushed on over the metal ferrules to provide a reliable grip on the ground.
The rubber ferrules for our range of hiking and shooting sticks have a metal washer inside to prevent the metal spike from piercing the rubber, thus turning a hiking stick into an everyday walking stick to use on pavements etc.
We find the rubber ferrules we sell are used for a variety of different applications, not just walking sticks! As the ferrules are available in five different sizes, they can be used for chair legs and other furniture legs, crutches and various household impliments and equipment.
As with all of the other products on the site, we offer good quantity discounts on all ferrules, so stick makers can top up on their supplies and customers who use their sticks everyday can buy a batch at a time so they always have a spare when their ferrule wears down.

The word ferrule comes from the Latin “ferrum” meaning iron and “virole” meaning little bracelet.

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Rubber Grip Ferrules