Some Discontinued Walking Sticks

They come and they go…Here is a list of the latest sticks that are now unfortunately discontinued:

Order code 1721: Crook handled walking stick with a concealed umbrella inside the shaft.

Order code bt51: Ram’s horn handled small shepherd’s crook. We are looking for a new supply of these as they were great sellers. The ram’s horn starts out all rough, hollow and unusable and then the stick maker compresses and polishes it into a marvellous and beautiful object to adorn a natural wooden stick. As you can probably tell, we will miss these ones and can’t wait to find some more!

Order code 210: Compass topped brass cane. Gadget or system sticks are my personal favourites, so it’s sad to see the last of these sticks. The ball topped handle had a compass inlaid in the very top.

Order code 2420: Hand carved duck handled walking stick. This is certainly a walking stick to miss. Hand carved wood work is incredibly time consuming and difficult as well as a beautiful art. It is therefore understandable that these sticks will not be available all of the time, no stick maker is that patient!

The hand carved sticks now available on the website are one-of-a-kind sticks, some will be made to order and some will have been photographed and described for sale once only. we cannot stress enough how special these sticks are and how we appreciate the many hours of work it takes to produce each one.

Discontinued Folding Sticks: we have lost a few of the folding sticks but we have added many more, so there is still something for everyone!

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