Shop by Brand at Walking Sticks Online

We hold a large stock of walking sticks from ten different suppliers, including four local stick makers.

We have just added a new feature to Walking Sticks Online enabling customers to filter their search by brand name. This is useful if you have been recommended to buy a particular stick and you know the brand. We supply hundreds of walking sticks and it can sometimes be a bewildering choice. Shopping in this new way narrows it down a bit.

If you are looking for a walking stick made by a particular company and we do not sell it on it is worth your while to contact us and we will order it in for you. Delivery will only be an extra couple of days.

So, who’s who in the world of walking sticks? Well our two main suppliers are UK companies with a vast number of years of experience and sales between them.

Two of the local stick makers we work with are trained engineers and both take a lot of pride and care in what they do. Take my word for it, these two can certainly talk (and talk, and talk a bit more!) about sticks.

They both love what they do and make top quality sticks that are designed to last at least a lifetime.

The other two stick makers are retired gentlemen who make beautiful sticks as a hobby.

Tango and Sabi are both stick makers on the continent. Their sticks are innovative, stylish, creative and brilliant. If you want a stick to be really proud of, then go for one of these.

Switch Sticks have brought us stunning folding walking sticks since 2005 and their designs are second to none. Each Switch Stick brings beautiful design and functionality together and everyone loves them!

Neo York lucite canes are made by Lyndsay. As a walking stick user, Lyndsay knows what people want and like and as a result she supplies amazing sticks. You can have a completely transparent stick for when you want your stick to be invisible. Or a funky gold cane for a party.

What is most evident about the sticks we sell from our various suppliers is that they all care and want to make the best sticks possible, coming up with new and interesting designs all the time.