A Note About Photography for Walking Sticks Online

Pictures, photos or images? Whatever you call them, we are updating the walking stick pictures this week for the website. It is very important that you get a good look at the stick you are buying as you cannot hold it in your hands as it were.

Some of the pictures were looking a bit ropey, so we have taken new ones and are uploading them this week. Photography for walking sticks is actually quite easy as long as the lighting is set up nicely and there is a good enough contrast between the subject and the background.

We will be adding lots of video clips soon as well just to make choosing a stick even easier. The sticks that need a little explaining (such as flip sticks or shooting sticks) will benefit greatly from this.

We are happy to email you an additional photo or short video of our any of our products if you need to get a better look before you buy. The best thing to do is to email or call us (0208 123 8042) with your request and we will get straight on it.