Metal H Ferrules Replace the 2204 and 2205 Brass Walking Stick Tips

We have just recently replaced the brass and steel ferrules (order codes 2205 and 2204) with a new type, the H type ferrule. These ferrules are taller and have a thick 4mm base. They taper more than the other ferrules, so when you fit one to the end of your walking stick, you will need to taper the end of the cane for a snug fit.

Type H Metal Ferrule

The H metal ferrule is available in the following (outside diameter of the open end) sizes:
10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 16mm, 17.5mm, 18.5mm, 19.5mm, 20.5mm, 21.5mm, 22.5mm, 23.5mm, 25mm

Please read the article below on how to fit a metal ferrule to your walking stick.

How to fit a metal ferrule on to your walking stick
First of all select a metal ferrule (usually brass or steel) with a diameter that is the same or a millimetre or two less than the diameter of the stick shank at the tip.

Then measure the depth of the ferrule (with your finger or a pen) and then mark the tip of the stick to the same depth.

Next score a line around the tip of the stick with a stanley knife. This line marks where the metal ferrule will come up to. Basically, you want to attach the ferrule so that the outside rim of it is flush with the stick.

Using your stanley knife, cutting away from you and your other hand, cut away from the score line to the tip. You are creating a tapered tip so that the ferrule will fit over perfectly.

Keep going all the way around the tip and stop from time to time to see if the ferrule will fit over it. Try and keep the scored line nice and neat and as straight as possible. You are aiming for a tight fit to prevent the ferrule from falling off the end.

When the ferrule will fit over the tapered tip (quite tightly) it is time to mix together the two parts of the epoxy resin glue. You can also use ordinary super glue.

Apply the glue to the tip and to the inside of your ferrule and then push the ferrule on it. Give the stick a tap on the floor a few times to make sure the ferrule is securely attached. Then leave to dry for 5 minutes.

You can also pinch on the ferrule by hammering a nail into the sides of the ferrule or crimp it in a vice, but you don’t have to.