EH Fulfilment Company – Our New Venture

EH fulfilment offers the secure and safe storage of your products and daily order fulfilment. EHFulfilment is part of Emilyhannah Limited. We have been successfully trading online since 2004 with several websites that are still going strong, updating and improving all the time.

In 2014 we began order fulfilment for another company and we have added another company to the books this year. We would like to expand this side of the business because we enjoy it and we are good at it.

If you are looking for a reliable and trustworthy company to take care of the dispatch side of your business, then you need look no further!

Our prices start from 90p per order (including storage) depending on how much space your products take up and how long it takes us to pick, pack and dispatch your products. For example, sending a single title paperback book is much easier and quicker for us to send than garden furniture.

Set up is completely free. Once you have had your products delivered to us, we will take care of the rest; shelving, sorting, labelling etc. We charge a single flat fee per order (agreed with you in advance) that includes the storage, picking, packing and email communications with you daily.

We also offer stock-takes, measuring and weighing, product photography and video and all other product related tasks that it makes perfect sense for us to carry out as we have the products with us.

Our tech savvy staff can also sort out anything technical to ensure the smooth and mistake-free integration with your store front.

We can also design and print your printable marketing material; catalogues ( both printed and digital), business cards, leaflets and flyers as well as web design, blogs and email mail shots.

Contact us today if you would like to discuss anything. We look forward to your call or email!



Tel. 0208 123 8042

EH Fulfilment - Order Fulfilment Company
EH Fulfilment – Order Fulfilment Company