A Classic Case of Putting Pen to Paper

The following is an interesting article I just read this morning in “This” magazine, The homecare industry information service, issue 188 May, 2014.

“There are lots of easy ways to get yourself some free publicity and one of them is by writing a letter to the papers. In THIS magazine we have carried a number of letters over the years – some funny, some angry and some that have sparked a considerable amount of debate!

If you are going to write a letter though, then it might as well be to one of the top titles in the world and so enter Charlotte Gillan, managing Partner of Classic Canes who penned a short note to the Editor of the Times and managed to get the company some coverage.

Charlotte explained, “There has been a long-running series of letters in The Times about uses for old copies of The Times e.g lighting fires, cigarette papers etc.”

Charlotte decided to get involved in the debate. her letter read:

“Sir, we recycle old newspapers as packaging when we send products to our customers around the world. Some Anglophile customers now specify a particular paper. You will be pleased to know that The Times is the first choice of our Swedish, Italian and French customers. However, the Germans prefer our Western Gazette because the articles are funnier. The stories usually concern lost cats and punch-ups in Chard town centre. I hope this feedback is of value to your international news editors.”

The item was seen by a lot of people and, as Charlotte added it sparked responses. “We were very pleased to find that some of our account holders read the letters page of The Times too and we’ve had lots of emails. One mobility retailer made us laugh because they said we are their only supplier to use the FT as packaging; everyone else uses redtops.”

So, the next time you see a comment, a debate or argument that you could get involved with, why not consider popping a short note or letter through to the editor – you never know what might happen!