A Note About Leaving a Note for the Courier Bringing your Walking Stick Order

When you place an order online with us for a walking stick, you have the option to add some instructions for the courier or postman. We highlight these messages on the box or parcel containing your walking stick in the hope that the courier or postman will notice. We also suggest that if you know you are going to be out when the courier arrives, leave a signed note on your front door with the instructions and he or she should do as requested.

If you enter your mobile telephone number and/or email address when placing your order, you will receive a message from the courier giving you a two hour delivery window so you know when to wait in. This applies to all of the NON – folding walking sticks. ALL folding sticks and accessories are sent by Royal Mail so they do not send SMS text messages.

It is best to organise these instructions BEFORE delivery as it is very difficult for you or us to get hold of individual drivers to give them instructions.

There are a few things you can include on your note; such as a safe place to leave the parcel, i.e Behind the Fence, leave the parcel with a neighbour (provide the house number) or things like “Please allow time to answer the door I am disabled” and other such messages. As long as you sign and add your name, there shouldn’t be a problem.

If you need help with any of this or you would like to discuss before ordering, then please call or email us, we are happy to help.