New Completely White Sticks For The Blind

Getting to know your way around is one thing, but being as visible and safe as possible is just as important. Having a completely White stick will keep you highly visible especially in heavy Traffic areas, and with the option of having a Anti-Slip Ice Grip added on along with other useful accessories will make you fully functional and safe this Winter. The Anti-Slip Ice Grip fits any Walking Stick by tightening the 2 screws and when you are indoors or if the weather has turned for the better you can flip up the spiked end very easily. Keep yourself safe with the help of this stick and its accessories.Anti-Slip Ice GripWalking Stick for the Blind

More Carbon Fibre Walking Sticks Now in Stock

Due to the popularity of our range of carbon fibre walking sticks we have introduced a few more this week. There’s the new crook handled canes, one fixed length one piece cane and the other is height adjustable. The fixed length cane weighs just 210g! And the adjustable just 230g!

We also have a new folding cane and two new crutch handled canes, all three in a deep burgandy colour.

Even though the carbon fibre sticks are a little more expensive than the aluminium or wooden canes, we have found them to be one of the best selling sticks. This popularity is no doubt due to the amazing lightness and strength of carbon fibre, this amazing modern high-tech material.

Please go the website to find out more (measurements and images)  about the new walking sticks in stock and ready to order now!

More News about the Slikstik, the Brilliant Walking Stick Invented by Denise Anstey

One of new walking sticks, the Slikstik has sold particularly well since it’s introduction about a month ago and its no surprise! The Slikstik has lots of practical and ingenius features such as a built in torch and strong magnet in the handle to pick up dropped keys and the like. Denise Anstey (the designer and inventor of the Slikstik) was the overall winner at the Global Women’s Inventors and Innovators Network 2009, winning the British Female Inventors and Innovators Award 2009.

Walking Stick Inventor 

Inventor of the Slik-Stik™, Denise Anstey, approached TCL Products in 2008, in the hope that we could help bring her fantastic product to market. After a car accident in 1998, Denise was left significantly disabled and has since remarkably overcome many challenges. Her inventionof the Slik-Stik™ was borne out of her struggles and her desire to help others in similar situations.

Re-defining the walking stick, Denise has created a safetyand environmentally conscious, essential mobility aid which she hopes will make a positive difference to someone’s life. Truly an outstanding award but a recognition of not only the hard work bringing the product to market but to the design and concept of the stick itself.

We think this walking stick is amazing and are pleased that it is so popular. You can order it on the website here TCL Products is a family run business offering many other innovative, practical products for everyday living, check them out in Google!

Amazing New Safety Wallking Stick, the Slik Stik!

Introducing the Ventus safety walking stick by inventor Trevor Baylis. Its the stick that everyone is raving about! It has been sold widely already through the QVC shopping channel and has been featured on programmes like “BBC Working Lunch” and in many newspaper and magazine editorials. This amazing new stick is available to purchase from at £35 plus P+P.

The SLIK-STIK™ is the brainchild of Baylis Next Generation protégé, Denise Anstey, a disabled lady who was dissatisfied with the poor ergonomics and basic function of conventional walking sticks.

The Slik-Stik folds for convenient storage and portability, whilst maintaining a firm and rigid support when extended. A four – position stem adjusts easily to your preferred height while the comfortable and well designed hand grip has a rubberised non-slip coating.

The front of the hand grip incorporates a super bright LED torch light which shines a forward beam and a foot-fall floodlight to ensure safe footing at night on pavements, steps, and other trip hazards. The rear of the handle incorporates a built in panic alarm that can be activated to alert for help.

A further press on the control button provides high intensity red LED strobe lights located down the shaft of the stick, adding safety and security when walking near to traffic or crossing roads.

Better still, the above functions do NOT require the use of disposable batteries therefore ensuring an Eco-Friendly product. Even though the hand grip has a superb ergonomic and compact profile, the engineers at BAYLIS have skilfully incorporated their latest state-of-the-art induction generator system inside. A minute winding of the retractable handle is sufficient to provide several minutes of emergency illumination, whilst the included mains charger will fully re-charge the system in around three hours.

Finally, one further frustration for Denise has been addressed by the handy inclusion of a strong pick-up magnet in the handle – just in case you drop those keys again, and a convenient wrist strap for portability.
Another BAYLIS winner!

“My original windup radio pioneered a new eco technology that is as relevant and cutting edge today as it was sixteen years ago.

Now we have developed a range of products that combine the best of these modern ideas with the freedom and energy efficiency of windup technology, including this fantastic safety walking stick.

I am so proud to associate my name with this revolutionary aid that could benefit so many millions of disabled persons worldwide.

Welcome to the next generation.”
Trevor Baylis OBE.

SlikStik safety walking stick