New! Ventus Audio Walking Stick

Introducing the new Ventus Audio Walking Stick from Ventus Innovate Products, Hove, BN3 5LA, England.

The Ventus rechargeable Radio walking stick is a new concept in modern walking stick design.

The ergonomic hand grip includes a bright headlight which is adjustable and can beam shining light forwards and downwards for good footfall illumination. The stick stem also features high-visibility bright red flashing strobe lights for added roadside safety. An audible alert is built in to attract emergency attention whenever required.

All of the above functions are powered by an internal Lithium cell which can be recharged by the USB charge cable included. NO batteries required. The shaft is height adjustable from 75cm to 100cm and is made from high strength Aluminium. The hand grip also contains a Powerful magnet for easy retrieval of dropped keys etc. A wrist strap is included for added convenience.

We have just updated the website with this new walking stick which replaces the now discontinued Ventus Safety Stick (the foldable one). This walking sticks is sent out boxed with full instructions and user manual and a USB lead, in fact everything you need from a walking stick!

Click on the following link for more information or to buy one or click on the image below: Buy a Ventus Audio Walking Stick

Ventus Audio Walking Stick
Ventus Audio Walking Stick

A Couple of New Additions Now in Stock

We love finding new walking sticks to add to the site and they usually come about by a customer requesting something that we don’t already sell. We try to get right on it and find the stick needed and we usually succeed. We also like to keep the range on the website fresh, so we are always on the lookout for great quality, interesting walking canes with character too!

My personal favourites are the handmade sticks of which we have just added a very heavy, robust knobstick with a large handle, a height of 96 centimetres and a 3 centimetre diameter shaft. At 730 grams in weight, this stick is definitely more suitable for a man (and a tall well-built man at that!) than a woman.

Like all items on our website, if you order this one before 1pm GMT any day (Monday to Friday) then it will be dispatched the same day on a 24 hour delivery to all UK addresses. And, like all of the handmade walking sticks, this heavy blackthorn knobstick is a one-off. It is particularly rare for a coppicer to find and cut a piece of blackthorn this long and with such a large diameter without killing the tree, so this stick is very special!

Heavy and Large Blackthorn Knobstick
Heavy and Large Blackthorn Knobstick

Our other new addition is a very attractive beech wood walking stick with a Black Labrador handle, made from resin. We sell a lot of sticks with animal head toppers and the dog heads sell the best. Click on the image below to view it/ buy it.

Black Labrador Walking Stick
Black Labrador Walking Stick


New Bamboo Walking Sticks

When you think of bamboo walking sticks, the skinny, bendy “wangee” cane comes to mind with Charlie Chaplin swinging it around. Well these bamboo canes are a little different. The poles are between 25 and 43mm which sounds too thick but being bamboo, they are incredibly lightweight.

Extraordinary walking sticks made from extraordinary materials. We have got eleven fabulous new sticks made from bamboo. Four of them are ‘au naturelle’ , just polished and the othe rseven have been finished with a light Danish Oil. The first four have oak wood tops and hand-turned brass ferrules with the other seven have large wooden handles.

For the hand-turned wooden handles, we have two blackthorns, one hazel and two ash with a Jacobean stain. The handles, tops and the ferrules are all bonded to the insides of the bamboo poles with wooden inserts so that there will be no movement whatsoever.

Due to the farely large (more than 1 inch) diameter of the bamboo poles, a whole tube of epoxy resin glue was used on each stick! So with the bonded inserts at both ends, the resin and the natural toughness of bamboo, we now have eleven super light and super strong sticks.

Three of the sticks have patterns engraved on the bamboo which look really attractive.

We probably won’t have anymore made due to the difficulty of the project, so hurry while stocks last!

Our stickmaker comments “These sticks were tricky and time-consuming to make but I think the results are beautiful. Bamboo is amazing to start with but it is very sharp so the shanks were sanded smooth first to avoid anyone cutting themselves, including me! Bambooo is also prone to splitting, so I made the special inserts and used a substanial amount of epoxy glue to bond everything together.

The inserts, ferrules and handles were all made to different diameters as each bamboo pole was different. This added a lot of hours to the project and is not something I normally do.”

Click the following link to take a look! Browse Bamboo Walking Sticks

New Skull Topper Walking Stick!

This stick was added at the weekend and what a cracker! A matt black skull topped walking stick with shiny Swarovski crystal eyes! Swarovski is the brand name for a special range of cut crystal by Swarovski AG of Austria.

Like the silver plated skull stick we already stock, this new cane is not for everybody but surprisingly we do sell quite a few of them.

To view it and some more sticks and accessories, please click here

Skull Head Walking Stick
Skull Head Walking Stick

Some More New Walking Sticks in Stock Now

We try when we can to add new walking sticks to the website every month. We aim to find walking canes that are a bit different and those which fill in the missing types. Such as the following tippling cane. We already had three different tippling canes but not one with a crook handle, so here we go!

Crook Tippling Walking Cane
Crook Tippling Walking Cane

This new tippling stick has a crook handle, is made from beech, has an attractive flame scorched handle with a ‘tear drop’ end and has a flask plus two thimbles concealed within the shaft for your favorite tipple. This is a great quality, sturdy cane that would also make an excellent present.

We have added two new extra long folding walking sticks for the taller stick user. They both adjust in height from 89 to 99 cm (or 35 to 39 inches) and have five adjustment increments an inch apart so you can set it to the correct height for you.
Our folding sticks in general are very popular because they fold away so neatly for easy stowage, great for holidays and other travel.

Burr Effect Design Extra Long Folding Stick
New Extra Long Folding Stick

We have also added three new chrome handled walking canes, all with attractive embossed chrome handles and all very smart and again very good quality. These canes are used for special occasions such as weddings but we are increasingly finding customers who just want a smart stick for themselves to use around the house.

New Chrome Plated Walking Canes
New Chrome Plated Walking Canes

In the collectable section we have a new greyhound walking cane but black this time instead of brown and a long blackthorn stick, 130cm long with a black Labrador head handle.

Also new are the Melfort Canes. These consist of four stained hardwood canes in rich colours with wave like handles reminiscent of Derby cane handles. They are named after Melfort Loch in Scotland where the producers are based.

We have some great new patterned hiking poles as the beginning of the holiday walking season approaches. You can use a jazzy pair of hiking poles now if you want! Also by Switch Sticks, we have in stock some new patterned crutches and a patterned quad cane.

We hope there is something you like in the new collection, if not please contact us if there is something you are looking for in particular or you would like a stick custom made.

Some New Walking Sticks and Canes for 2013

In addition to our new range of one-of-a-kind handmade walking sticks, we have also recently added lots more walking canes to the website.

In the extra long and extra strong section we have added two more very solid, robust and LONG sticks for the taller stick user. They both have Derby style handles and are made of solid hardwood. One is 44 inches tall (a whopping 112cm) and the other is 43 inches. Both can be shortened to the height required if need be.

Extra Long Derby Canes

In the tippling cane section we have added a beautiful beech cane with polished golf club handle with a brass plate perfect for engraving. There is enough space on the golf club to engrave a name, a message or something else a few sentences long. This cane is the perfect gift for a golf lover and the quality of it really shines through!

New Tippling Cane

We have added two more ram’s horn sticks, one with a longer shaft and one shepherds crook. The ram’s horns are very beautiful and you can see the skill and work which goes into the making of these sticks.

Beautiful Rams Horn Canes

There are three new antler handled sticks too, one thumbstick with a whistle, a crown handled spiral stick and a crown handle on a smart, smooth, polished hardwood shank. When we add new sticks we try to fill in any gaps in the range or add things that customers have previously requested, such as a crown handled antler stick on a smooth hardwood shaft.

New Staghorn Walking Sticks

Lastly, we have added a two new knobsticks, one of standard length and one extra long. These are scorched and polished ash knobsticks that look great.

New Knobsticks

So that’s it for now, but we will be adding some more new walking sticks next month plus the launch of two new websites! More later…

New! Cross Head Walking Sticks

Cross head sticks are very simple, one piece walking sticks. They are very easy to make because nature does all the hard work; growing a stick with a comfortable handle.

As a walking stick they are ideal because they are lightweight, comfortable to hold, naturally strong and slightly offset for balance. They make the kind of sticks that are kept for years and almost become part of the user.

The cross head shape is formed when a shank is growing at an angle of 90 degrees from either the root or the branch of a tree. This formation can be found on most trees used for stick making, but hazel, birch, sycamore, rowan and ash trees produce the most.

If a shank of at least 36 inches or 91 centimetres can be found or grown at an angle from a root, then you have the chance to make a lovely one-piece walking stick.

Using a root as the handle can create a lovely finish as the handle will have a different colouration to the shank as it has grown underground. A most striking example of this can be seen in the sticks we have just added to the website and in the image below.

Click the following link to see our new cross-head walking sticks!

Ash Cross Head Stick
View our range of Cross Head Walking Sticks here

These sticks come from an area of Devon which has a dark red soil and so produces a beautiful reddish handle.

We have also added two more cross head sticks, so there’s a choice of ash, hazel or blackthorn. They are all natural and beautiful and the ash sticks have the reddish colour root handles from Devon shire.

New! Junior Walking Sticks

Boys love sticks! Walking in the woods or going on a long walk are great ways for families to share outdoor adventures together and the children will definitely love to take their own hiking sticks along!

Sticks are versatile things. They can be a flag pole, a fishing rod, a life-saving-grab-on-thingy, a wand or just a stick. When I take my boys out for a ramble they play all sorts of imaginative games together when they have a stick in hand and as a result we get to walk further and have a brilliant time.

We have just added two new hiking sticks in mini children’s sizes to the website, with some more to be added shortly (pardon the pun).

Junior Hiking Sticks
Junior Hiking Sticks

If you have any good ideas for children’s sticks or you find some interesting ones on your travels, please do tell us!

Sword Sticks or Sword Canes

Every month our search results from our website Walking Sticks Online always feature sword sticks or sword canes. A friend of mine had a grandad who had a sword stick with a scary face on the shaft and a great big shiny sword concealed inside to scare the boys when they got a bit unruly. He remembers the cane as a part of his grandad and just a collectible object.

Sword canes consist of a hollow shaft with a blade (or foil) attached to the handle concealed inside the shaft. If you do a quick Google search you will find bamboo was frequently used for the shaft as it is naturally hollow. Others are made of different wood which is later carved to look like bamboo and Malacca wood was used mostly. Sword canes were very fashionable in the 18th and 19th Centuries but today they are bought by collectors or as props for theatrical or film productions.

Sword cane
Sword cane

But according to the Criminal Justice Act 1988 (Offensive Weapons) Order 1988, ISBN 0-11-088019-6 it is illegal to trade in sword canes in England and Wales. However, antique sword sticks which are 100 years old or older are exempt. Depending on where you live in the world, the law regarding carrying or keeping a concealed weapon may vary.

There are many websites specialising in sword sticks. I found an excellent South African site and quite a few American sites. The UK sites selling sword canes seem to all be antique dealers.

A sword cane seems an irresistible temptation to the walking stick collector and you can certainly buy some truly great works of art out there.

We don’t sell any at Walking Sticks Online but we do have some great handmade, hand carved and collectible canes in stock for you.

Walk The Nordic Way

Naturally we learn to walk from a very young age, but as you get older walking turns into a great way of keeping healthy and a way of burning a large amount of calories.

You can take your walking up a level with a pair of solid Walking Sticks such as the ones shown here at the bottom. Make sure to use the most suitable tip for terrain you will be on whether its concrete, grass, mud, stone etc.

It is known to have a large benefit on your health by increasing your heart rate, strengthening your main muscles in your upper body and it burns a lot more calories, and to top it off it will feel like less hard work as it is low impact and fluid. It originated from a training method used by ski coaches and skiers in Norway when off Season to keep them fit and healthy. It really evolved from there taking place all over Europe from France to Finland to the US in the late 80s when the technique was “Urbanized”.

It can be done anywhere and many different people use it to there advantage such as backpackers so it can ease the weight on there backs or even anyone with knee pain or hip pain as they find they can walk more powerfully while there pains are being eliminated making for a much more enjoyable walk.

The technique to Nordic walking is having a loose grip on each of the sticks and with every stride you apply a decent amount of force with your sticks keeping the sticks close to you and behind you, not in-front of you like crutches.

Its the ideal full body workout for all ages. Give it a go!

Buy Nordic Walking Poles
Buy Nordic Walking Poles