New Walking Sticks & Discontinued Lines

The beginning of 2014 sees a bit of a shake up regarding our walking stick stock. Some are brand new with some more new ones this month and next month and we have some that are now discontinued.

Among the discontinued are some of the adjustable crutch handled sticks, some collector’s canes and the hand-carved tall wooden walking sticks.

For the new ones, we have some new collectable sticks with famous people toppers, a new Fischer handled cane, two new wading staffs and Nordic walking poles.

Next month we are adding some new ferrules, new crutches, new Derby handled walking sticks, new collectable canes, new hand-carved and of course some more lovely handmade sticks.

It’s always nice to update the site with new products. It keeps things fresh and interesting and it’s amazing how the humble walking stick can vary so much!

After nearly ten years of trading (we will be celebrating our tenth year in 2015) we know more than we thought possible about walking sticks!

If you make sticks or are in the stick business, please contact us to see if we can work together.

New Wading Staffs for Fast Water Fishermen

We have been selling traditional wooden wading staffs for a long time now and we have just added two aluminium/stainless steel models to the website.

Just like the wooden wading staffs, these new metal ones have a weighted end so that it doesn’t float off down the river when you are out fishing. There is a choice of a heavy weight (1.2kg) or medium (500g) staff depending on where you want to go fishing. The heavy weight one is designed to be used in fast moving water such as fast rivers and the medium weight is for slowing moving water or lakes.

Also like the wooden variety, these wading staffs have a Lanyard which is a releasable strap that can be wrapped around the body. An extra great feature is the nomograph which is a length to weight measure. You can measure your salmon catch by laying the fish down next to the wading stick and read off the length which gives you the weight too.

Aluminium/Stainless Steel Wading Staffs
Aluminium/Stainless Steel Wading Staffs

The Sharpes wading staffs are designed and made in Aberdeen, Scotland. Sharpes of Aberdeen have been selling fishing supplies since 1920 and the range includes fishing rods, fly rods, nets and tackle. They are based next door to the River Deveron which provides an excellent testing environment for all of their products.

Click on the image or the following link to buy one of these fantastic wading staffs:

Buy a new wading staff

Historical Figure Handled Walking Canes

We have just added 3 new walking canes to the website, all with famous historical figure toppers. So we now have a choice of 6 canes which celebrate the lives of historical people.

We have had a Beethoven, Mozart and Sherlock Holmes in stock for some time now and they have proven to be very popular, particularly the Sherlock Holmes character.

We have just added a Winston Churchill walking stick with a cast resin handle with a picture of Churchill on one side with the words “Sir Winston Churchill 1874 – 1965” and a picture of a Spitfire aeroplane on the other side with the words “Battle of Britain Spitfire”.


Winston Churchill Walking Cane
Winston Churchill Walking Cane

New too is a stick celebrating the life and times of Lord Nelson. One side depicts Nelson himself with the words “Lord nelson 1758 – 1805” and the other side has a picture of the HMS Victory ship rolling on the waves with the words “HMS Victory”

Click on the image below to read more about it or to order your stick today!

Nelson Walking Stick
Nelson Walking Stick

Lastly, there’s my favorite William Shakespeare with a picture of Shakespeare (well it could be but no one really knows what he looked like!) on one side with the words “William Shakespeare 1564 1616” and a picture of the Globe theatre on the other side with “Globe Theatre Southwark London” in text.

Click on the image below to read more about it or to order your stick today!

Shakespeare Walking Stick
Shakespeare Walking Stick

If you have a historical figure in mind that you would like to have as a walking stick topper on a stick made especially for you then please contact us in one of the usual ways. We can source most types of handles, nothing is impossible!

Omhu Walking Sticks – Now Sabi

Earlier in the year we added some very stylish, Danish designed walking sticks called Omhu (Danish for “with great care”) which are now called Sabi walking sticks and have the Sabi logo on them. The sticks have the same beautiful design but in different colours.

The Classic range of sticks with the birch handles are now available in black, purple, red and blue and the rubber handled sport range are available in purple, green, coral and blue.

The “Tuxedo” stick is now called the Luxury Raven Black walking stick and it looks exactly the same.

These are really special walking sticks that look fantastic, feel great and you would want one if you saw one! Click on the image below to go and have a browse or order one for Christmas.

Sabi Walking Sticks - Beautiful Sticks, beautiful design
Sabi Walking Sticks – Beautiful Sticks, beautiful design

The Invisible Walking Stick

Do you ever wish your walking stick was invisible? Well now you can have one! The Neo York completely transparent crook handled walking stick is now available to order online by clicking on the following link or image:

Invisible Walking Stick

 Transparent Walking Stick
The Invisible Walking Stick

Neo York walking sticks are handmade to order in York, Yorkshire. While the invisible stick is perfect for those invisible days when you want people to notice YOU and not your walking stick, Neo York also produce some very colourful walking sticks too!

You can choose from fluorescent, transparent and opaque finishes in a range of bright colours; gold, silver, purple, blue, red, pink, orange, green and white. They all have crook handles and are all made from lucite.

Lucite is used to make a surprising number of everyday items, from cars to teeth and televisions to bath tubs! It is a strong, light weight and shatter-resistant material that is also known as acrylic glass. Due to the nature of the material, it can be cut easily so you can request any length of walking stick you need and it will be cut to size for you.

Bespoke Walking Sticks

We have had a flurry of requests lately for bespoke walking sticks for Christmas presents. Including one for a Weimaraner dog head handle and another for a Jack Russell.

As long as you give us a couple of weeks, we can make any walking stick you like. In the case of the Weimaraner dog handled cane, we buy in the hand painted handle which is then attached to a shank and finished with a brass ferrule and collar.

We can source a large choice of handle types so whatever you are thinking to have made then please just ask us as we can probably get it for you. There’s dog head handles, birds, fish and other traditional handle types.

As for the shanks, you can tell us the length required and whether you want hazel, holly, ash or blackthorn natural wood shanks or chestnut, hazel and maple turned and polished shanks.

Both of the above requests are for Christmas presents and are going to be engraved. Engraving for walking sticks involves a brass oval plaque that is engraved with a name, date or message and is bent around the shaft and pinned on. The Weimaraner dog stick will have the grey/silver dog head handle and then the names of three of the gentleman’s dogs engraved on a metal oval plaque, what a lovely present!

So just remember, we can most likely fulfill your request but please allow us two weeks to make it for you. We also have a stock of really amazing handmade sticks that can be personalised and make great gifts.

Antique Walking Sticks

Walking sticks have been around for a long time and were not just used for balance. Historically, sticks have been used as status symbols, weapons and used by the clergy, farmers, countrymen, hikers and tippling canes for people to conceal a measure of their favorite tipple inside the shaft.
In the 18th century, the walking stick overtook the sword as a gentleman’s ‘must have’ accessory and since then, walking sticks have been produced in a myriad of designs and styles which we will explore in this article.

We do not supply antique walking sticks but it is obviously an area of great interest to us. Antique canes can fetch prices from several hundred pounds to several thousand. Many of them are very rare or indeed one-of-kind and they can be found from all over the world. From Africa and the Middle East to France and Japan with many different cultural, political and scientific influences.

Due to the fantastic variety, individuality and workmanship that is more than evident when looking at walking sticks, many people collect sticks.

So let’s look at the weapons first is these are some of the most imaginative I think. The early sword canes were made in the 18th century. The top or handle is pulled away from the shaft to reveal a blade and beneath the handle there is a tapered section of wood that fits easily in and out of the shaft to ‘open’ and ‘close’ the cane.

Most sword canes were made using a bamboo shaft as bamboo is naturally hollow with only the divisions between the chambers inside needing to be cut through to allow the sword access to the end. If other wood is used, the process is like that used to make a graphite pencil. The two lengths are first cut and then hollowed out and then bonded together again to make a hollow tube.

Lots of interesting materials were used to make the handles in antique sword canes, such as ivory, ebony and porcelain.

In some countries nowadays it is illegal to possess, carry or trade in sword sticks as they are considered to be weapons. In the United Kingdom, antique sword sticks which are 100 years old or older are exempt from these laws.

Some other weapons concealed in antique walking canes are whips (cat of nine tails), stiletto (like a long ice pick), guns (where the shaft is disguised as a steel barrel and the ferrule and handle are removed to form a gun!) and daggers. Cane guns are very rare and are mostly found in private and museum collections.

Next, to gadgets! A walking stick lends itself perfectly to hold, conceal or turn into a number of useful gadgets. A quick look at some antique walking canes revealed some ingenius gadgets and tools made for all sorts of uses. From equestrian and dog walking to measuring and smoking the creativity, invention and craftsmanship was amazing!

Cigarette holders (a stick with a hollowed out shaft holding up to 20 cigarettes) and an artists easel stick whereby the stick unscrews into several sections and then is put back together to form an easel on tripod legs, with a compartment for paints, a water bottle and the brass fittings used to make the paper holder for drawing or painting on (like a music stand).

This type of cane, known as a system stick, is a cane that either hides something inside or converts into another object. From 1870 to 1915 over 1500 patents were granted for system canes and the variety is incredible. There were telescopes, fans, perfume bottles, opium holders, dressage whips, trumpets, periscopes, a London cab-hailer, compass, apple corer, lighter, bottle opener, cutlery set, whistles, saws, umbrellas, ear trumpet (hearing aid), golf clubs, snooker cues, seats and backgammon sets.
Other gadgets made were watches inlaid in the tops or in the shaft with beautifully crafted wind-up mechanisms, measures for measuring anything from horses to fabric and complete tool kits concealed within the shaft.

Now to decorative walking sticks. Handles made from ivory and ebony to amethyst and jade. Various jewels, precious stones, bones and metals were used to make carved animal head toppers, characters and ornate designed handles. The variety is endless and with some of these antique canes aged over 200 years old it is evident that they were made extremely well and have been looked after.

Porcelain handles feature a lot on 18th and 19th century walking sticks. Porcelain is an excellent material to use for stick handles for the following reasons; tough and strong, hard, low permeability and high resistance to chemical attack. The last point is particularly relevant as some materials, such as silver or chrome plate, react with the chemicals from the user’s hands and can tarnish. These kind of sticks would need to be held using a gloved hand.

Antique walking sticks fetching tens of thousands of pounds are the bejewelled canes. Diamonds, rock crystal, jade and ruby are all examples of jewels used to make these extravagant sticks with gold and silver elements added aswell.

Even the country walking sticks which we would class as the simplest and most natural type of walking stick were made to an amazing level of craftsmanship. Animal horn, antlers and beautifully carved woods were used with gold and silver used for the collars.

If you are interested in antique walking sticks and would like to start a collection or visit an auction house, have a look at some of the websites below to get started or search “antique walking sticks” or “antique fairs” in Google.

Some More New Walking Sticks in Stock

We have just added some more mini folding walking sticks to our already busy page of fold-able sticks. We have a silver, a purple and a colourful flowery design stick and a smart blue folding Derby cane as well.

Other new additions are two extra short flipsticks, one fixed height and the other height adjustable. We have been asked a number of times if we can get hold of these and they are now available to buy on the website.

We have added two really lovely quality Derby canes with natural wooden shafts (bark still attached) and larger handles which have been sanded and polished to a beautiful finish. Due to the larger size of the handles and their rustic shafts, these Derby walking canes are more suited to men.

There are some new additions in the accessories department too. Some nice, brightly coloured wrist loops and rubber ferrules and some great quality brass-tipped steel ferrules as well. There is now a choice of six different carry wallets for all folding walking sticks (accept the extra long and the special anatomical handled sticks).

In other news, our catalogue is ready, printed and will be dispatched in the post today. So if you have requested a catalogue recently then please expect it through your door in the next day or two.

New Walking Sticks and Accessories Just In

We have just added lots of new walking sticks and walking stick accessories to the website, available to purchase now. We hope there is something for everyone and some gaps in the range have hopefully been filled.

For the accessories, we have added some brightly coloured wrist cords in red, blue and green and a black leather wrist cord too. We sell a lot of these handy (pardon the pun!) accessories and there is now a choice of twelve different colours and designs.

Colourful Wrist Cords for Walking Sticks

There are two new collectors walking canes, an owl and a cheerful green frog. As you will notice with many of these new canes, the heights differ from the standard 91cm, some taller, some shorter.

Green Frog Walking Stick

We have added seven new folding walking sticks with some lovely, colourful designs. There’s stripes, spots, jazzy patterns and a pretty new floral stick. Three are mini folding sticks, two are crooks and two have ergonomic handles.

New Folding Walking Sticks

There’s a new quad cane and a new offset cane, both are all-black; black handle, black shaft, wrist strap and ferrules.

Quad and Offset Walking Canes

The category with the most new additions is the Derby canes (eleven in total) with some nice new colours, different sizes and some lovely grainy and interesting woods have been used to make them.

New Derby Walking Canes

We’ve added two new bamboo sticks, one with a wooden pistol grip handle and the other with a wooden ball top. These bamboo sticks look very delicate and are more suited to ladies. They both weigh approximately 170 grams each only!

New Bamboo Walking Canes

There are two other ball top walking sticks made with resin handles, one that looks like amber and the other like cow horn. We find the ball top sticks to be quite popular as the ball shaped handle is comfortable to hold.

Ball Top Walking Sticks

There is another colour choice now for the folding hiking pole, a bright metallic red to compliment the blue/grey one already on the website. We have had lots a good comments about this hiking pole because of the ease of use and the fact that it folds away so nicely – good for holidays and days out.

Red Folding Trekking Pole

We have added four new wooden crook handled walking sticks. Two are chestnut made to look like bamboo, one has some pretty carved decorations and the other has an attractive green stain on the wood.

New Crook Walking Canes

There are two interesting new crutch handled sticks, one made from rosewood and the other has a spiralled shaft the length of the stick.

New Crutch Walking Sticks

Lastly, we have added a new umbrella shooting stick with a racing green umbrella canopy.

Green Umbrella Shooting Stick

The Google Patented Walking Stick

Attention all trail hikers and avid walkers! Google has patented a walking stick with a
camera on top of it that takes a photo every time the stick makes contact with the

The invention is to map areas beyond the reach of the “Street View” van and will give
some lucky Google workers the job of hiking in some beautiful areas and taking
pictures along the way with the Google Walking Stick.

I would LOVE that job! Google if you are listening I will do the West Country!.

Here’s a diagram of what features the walking stick will have:

Walking Stick fig1
Walking Stick fig1

Previously, Google employees used bikes, snowmobiles and/or carried special
camera mounted rucksacks to map such inaccessible areas.

The Patent Application
The Patent application has been granted and you can read the abstract, background
and summary from the descriiption below. You can also read the whole patent
application if you are really interested by using the Google Patent Search.

Walking stick with IMU

An elongated member is provided with one or more imaging sensors, location
sensors, and a switch in its bottom end. For example, in an embodiment the
elongated member may be a walking stick and the one or more imaging sensors may
be one or more cameras Such a walking stick takes pictures of its surrounding
environment and keeps records of its location when the switch touches the ground, so
that the pictures and location information can be used to create a virtual simulation of
the area that a user of the walking stick has walked through.


Presently, an interactive navigation system displays images taken from a fleet of
specially adapted cars. Areas not accessible by car, like pedestrian areas, narrow
streets, alleys and ski resorts, are sometimes covered by tricycles or snowmobiles.
These vehicles typically use multiple directional cameras for views at a
standard height, GPS units for positioning and laser range scanners for the measuring
location in the front of the vehicle.

Where available, navigation images can appear after zooming in beyond the highest
zooming level in maps and satellite images, and also by dragging a “pegman” icon
onto a location on a map. A user can select the horizontal and vertical viewing
direction and the zoom level can be selected. A solid or broken line in the photo shows
the approximate path followed by the camera car, and arrows link to the next photo in
each direction. At junctions and crossings of camera car routes, more arrows are

However, even the use of vehicles such as tricycles or snowmobiles does not offer
access to areas where vehicular travel is difficult, such as in rugged areas or areas
where roads are not present.


Embodiments relate to an elongated member with environmental image-gathering
features and a related method for capturing one or more environmental images.

According to an embodiment, an elongated member with environmental image-
gathering features is provided. The elongated member has a top end and a bottom
end, the elongated member configured to be carried by a user. One or more imaging
sensors are coupled to the walking stick. There is a switch coupled to the bottom of
the elongated member that activates the one or more imaging sensors to capture one
or more images of the environment surrounding the elongated member each time the
switch receives a signal that the user has planted the bottom end of the elongated
member on a surface.

According to another embodiment, a method is provided for capturing one or more
environmental images. A contact signal is received from a sensor on a bottom end of
an elongated member. In response to the contact signal, one or more images are
captured of the environment surrounding the elongated member using one or more
imaging sensors coupled to the walking stick. This process is repeated as the bottom
end of the elongated member is re-planted.

Further embodiments, features, and advantages of the invention, as well as the
structure and operation of the various embodiments of the invention are described in
detail below with reference to accompanying drawings.