New in Stock – Shell Handled Walking Canes

We have recently added some very attractive shell handled walking canes to the range. Come and have a look by clicking on the image below on on the following link: Shell Handled Walking Canes

Shell Handled Walking Canes
Shell Handled Walking Canes

Available in five different designs, these Derby handled canes are very well made and look great. The shell is set into the handles with resin so there is no danger of them being chipped off. The shell pieces are from abalone and mother of pearl, also known as nacre. Nacre is strong, resilient and iridescent – perfect stick making qualities!

The shell handled canes are five of over one hundred new items we added to the website last month. Please come and see our new sticks today!

Just like all of our other wooden canes, these shell handled ones can be shortened to any height required, have an engraved plaque added and can be delivered to any UK address in just one day. We also ship overseas.

New Varnished and Shaped Cross Head Walking Stick

Due to the popularity of the one-piece cross head walking sticks that we sell, we have added another one to the range. This one is British coppiced Ash with the characteristic green/grey bark preserved. The handle is shaped and varnished, with the beautiful wood exposed.

Cross head sticks are popular because they are so strong, fashioned from just one piece of wood. The handle is the root and the shank is the shoot that grew up from the root.

Varnished Ash Cross Head Stick
Varnished Ash Cross Head Stick

On the website we also have a hazel, a blackthorn and another ash cross head stick available to buy now. Please click on the image above to go and have a browse.

New Walking Sticks Now In Stock

We have just added a few new walking sticks to our websites. We are always on the lookout for interesting or different sticks to add and here are the latest. Please click on any of the images of the sticks below to be directed to the website for more information or to buy one. Thank you.
1. A Gloss Black Carbon Fibre Tippling Stick
This is an all black walking stick made from super tough carbon fibre with a plexiglass cap handle. Hidden inside the top third of the shank is a glass phial to conceal a few measures of your favourite tipple.
Tippling Stick in Gloss Black
2. A hand carved duck’s head on natural hazel shank.
This is a tall stick made from English hazel wood. The top is hand carved and then flame scorched to create a really beautiful effect. A perfect gift for the nature lover, we can also add an engraved brass plaque to wrap around the shank. This service costs £18 and adds an extra 2 to 3 days onto your order delivery time.
Hand Carved Duck Stick
3. A Gold Coloured Skull Walking Stick
A new addition to the skull head sticks page! We now have a silver plated skull, a black skull with Swarovski crystal eyes and now a golden one!
A skull walking stick is what is know as a “Morituri” or a “Memento mori”, a reminder of our own longevity.
Its also a glitzy and fun object for parties and dressing up. The skull handle is gold painted resin.
Gold Painted Skull Walking Stick
4. A Hand Carved Market Stick on Hazel
A market stick is a traditional stick to lean on while talking to people or watching the sheep. These are individually hand carved (which takes hours and hours) and then mounted on to an English hazel shank with a steel insert for extra stability and strength.
Hand Carved Market Stick
5. Embossed Patterned Chrome Crutch Handled Walking Cane
This smart walking stick is for special occasions and evenings out. We now have quite a large range of silver and chrome plate sticks in stock.
Embossed Patterned Chrome Plate Cane
6. A Super Sized Real Irish Blackthorn Stick
This stick is enormous! It you have been looking for an extra stout, extra tall ( 138cm) and heavy (1.24kg) Irish blackthorn stick then we have just the one for you. The thorns have been cut by the stick maker but he has left the knobbly bits to great effect. The shank is not straightened but that just gives this fantastic stick even more character.  Note: definitely not for girls 🙂
Real Extra Large Irish Blackthorn Stick

We Have Just Added Some New Walking Sticks to the Site

We have just added a few new walking sticks to . We will also be adding some more next month, including some brilliant new handmade sticks from a local stick maker.

New – Black Knobstick in Standard and Extra Tall Sizes
These two knobsticks were added due to a constant demand for the ever-popular blackthorn. For taller people, choose the extra tall at 99cm. The standard stick is 92cm tall.

Blackthorn Knobstick in Two Sizes
Blackthorn Knobstick in Two Sizes

New – Elite Walker Seat Stick with Rubber Tip
This new seat stick is available in black or green and has a rubber ferrule tip. It is height adjustable and very robust.

Elite Walker Seat Stick
Elite Walker Seat Stick

New – Adjustable Navy,Cream & Brown Check Umbrella Stick
This is a high quality and very smart looking walking stick and rain umbrella all in one. It is height adjustable from 87 to 95cm total height and so is suitable for a large range of user heights.

Our umbrella sticks make great presents because they look so nice and you are not really buying a walking stick, its an umbrella!

Cream, Brown and Navy Umbrella Stick
Cream, Brown and Navy Umbrella Stick

New- Black Crook Stick with Graphite Coloured Handle
This is another tall stick at a total height to the top of the handle of 96cm. The acrylic crook handle has a lovely shimmer to it, giving it the appearance of graphite. The shank is wooden with a mat black paint applied.

We can shorten this walking stick to any height you require.

Graphite Crook Walking Stick
Graphite Crook Walking Stick

New – Funky Chequerboard Folding Walking Stick
This stick has been added to the standard folding sticks range. We didn’t have a design like this one so we added it on. This is an eye-catching fun walking stick for those looking for something a little different.

Multi Coloured Chequerboard Folding Walking Stick
Multi Coloured Chequerboard Folding Walking Stick


Charles Darwin’s Whalebone Walking Stick

For you stick enthusiasts out there, go to the Science Museum in London to see Charles Darwin’s walking stick made from whalebone. Whalebone (like other horn and bone) is a great material for stick making as it is so strong and hard wearing.

The handle is ivory and is fashioned into a human skull, complete with green glass eyes. Darwin (1809-1882) called his stick his “morituri” which means something that reminds one of their own longevity and short time on Earth.

Charles Darwin's Whalebone Walking Stick
Charles Darwin’s Whalebone Walking Stick

It is quite surprising isn’t it? You would expect Darwin to have had a walking stick a bit like the one the scientist in the Jurassic Park film had, a stick with a wasp trapped in a ball of amber for the handle or something.

Walking Stick with Butterflies

Butterfly Walking Stick
Butterfly Walking Stick

We love this derby handled walking stick, celebrating the beautiful butterfly. The stick and handle are both made from wood but the shaft is covered entirely with a printed butterfly pattern. It makes a lovely gift and can be shortened to any height required from the original 91cm (36 inches).

Quite interestingly, I was reading one of my books of facts and the word butterfly is one of the only (or it might be THE only) animal word that is completely different in most languages. Most animal words have similar roots- for example the English cat is “kitte” in Arabic, “katu” in Armenian, “kotka” in Bulgarian, “kat” in Dutch, “katze” in German.

But “butterfly” is completely different. “papillon” in French, “mariposa” in Spanish, “paraparo” in Filipino, “Schmetterling” in German, “farfalla” in Italian, “drugelis” in Lithuanian and for the Danes its “sommerfug”

However you say it, this is a lovely walking stick and we can send it anywhere in the world.

Antique Walking Sticks are Big Bucks!

I found this today, the 9th Canemania conference (10th – 13th September 2014). Held
in our Nation’s capital, the conference is all about antique walking canes with a
reception, conference lectures, workshops and a gala dinner, all for the princely sum
of £395.

I would really love to go to this! So if anyone would like to pay for me, lets go!

Antique walking sticks are so fascinating. Especially the gadget canes or system
sticks. The stickmakers of the 18th and 19th centuries were so imaginative.

A showcased exhibition of the most exceptional canes will be on display on the 10th
Septmeber 2014 at Bonhams Auction House in their London Knitsbridge Showrooms.

The gala dinner sounds amazing, see this excerpt below from the website

“Our Gala Dinner
The evening will commence at 6.30pm with a reception in the Drawing Room, which has the largest William Morris Tapestry in the country, hung in place of wallpaper. A portrait of Isaac Walton (author of the Complete Angler) is amongst many fine pictures on the walls. A huge fireplace, bookcases and unique collection of artefacts add to the splendour of the room. A formal 3 course dinner will follow in the impressive Banqueting Hall. The windows, ceiling, chandeliers and oak panelling conjure up the heraldic imagery and the fine stained glass windows record the rooms’ connection with the Monarchy and past Lord Mayors of London.

Featured on films such as Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, we think that the Ironmongers’ Hall will be a wonderful setting for the culmination of Canemania 2014.

The dress code for the evening will be the Formal Cocktail attire. Ladies – dresses or trouser-suits
Gentlemen – dark suits or jacket and tie

Carriages will be at 11pm”

The conference venue is the prestigious venue The Royal Garden Hotel Kensington, a 5 Star hotel in central London.

Speakers at the conference include antique walking stick dealers, authors, collectors, curators, archivists and tour guides. It will be such a fascinating conference for anyone interested in sticks and stickmaking throught the ages.

Antique canes sell for between a few hundred pounds to several thousand pounds and I personally would love to learn more about this fascinating subject.


A Nice New Selection of Walking Sticks Now In Stock

We have just added 5 new handmade walking sticks from our local stick maker. His work is in a class of its own and they really must be seen to be believed. I took the best pictures I could to display the sticks in all their glory online so hover over each picture for an enlarged view.

Four of the handmade sticks are one-piece sticks. That means they have been made from just a single piece of wood. This type of stick makes for a really strong and reliable, safe walking stick as there aren’t any weaknesses where the handle would join the shank etc.

The choices this time are; an extra tall blackthorn knobstick, a T-handled blackthorn stick and two hand carved 140cm tall sticks. Both of the hand carved sticks have involved many, many hours of cutting, shaping, sanding and polishing the tops to produce two really beautiful and original sticks.

The other handmade one is a hazel thumbstick with a red stag antler topper. The antler is particularly attractive as it is a slender shape with very pointy tips or tines. As the tines are so pointy there was no need to cap them with wood or buffalo horn as is usually done with this type of stick.

We have also added another height adjustable derby walking stick with a shock absorbing spring. This one has a black aluminium shaft and a burgandy coloured handle. The height can be adjusted between 67.5 and 92cm in 2.5 cm increments. The other shock absorbing sticks we sell on the website are so popular that we thought we would add another one to the range.

We have recently added a new page to the website which shows just the latest sticks as we add them on, so to view or buy any of the sticks mentioned in this blog post, please click on the link below. Thank you!

New Walking Sticks

Hand Carved Leg Cleek
Hand Carved Leg Cleek

New Self-Standing Walking Sticks Now in Stock

Isn’t it great when an everyday object gets reinvented. Check out these fantastic new walking sticks from France.
Winners of three design awards in France and CE marked, these amazing walking sticks are self-standing so no more worries about dropping your stick on the floor and spoiling the handle.

Click on the image below to go shopping!

Self-Standing Walking Stick
Self-Standing Walking Stick

The sticks themselves are made from carbon fibre and the handles from fibre glass making them extremely light. The base is made from stainless steel and is where all the weight is, to keep the stick from falling over. The base is 6.5cm in diameter and has a removable rubber end for a secure grip.

Because the base is heavy, it walks with a nice swing so that you don’t need to apply any effort with your wrist or arm.

The carbon fibre shafts have a silver/grey sleek finish and the fibre glass handles are black.
This is the kind of walking stick that will attract a lot of attention and questions and, I think, could change your life!

If the stick does fall over (in the wind for example) you pick it up by pressing the base with the side of your foot and the handle will spring back into your hand, brilliant!

Tango Walking Cane
Tango Walking Cane

These clever walking sticks are available in 5 different heights, 80, 82.5, 85, 87.5 and 90cm and the rubber base covers are available in beige, lime green, light blue, orange and red.

We also stock other self-standing walking sticks called quad canes, so-called because they have four feet.

More New Walking Sticks Now Arrived

We have just added a few new walking sticks; 3 new handmade sticks and two new adjustable derby canes.

The handmade sticks are made by craftsmen in Norfolk, England where there is a strong tradition in stick-making. We have added a nice one-piece blackthorn wood stick with a beautiful colour. It is light and comfortable to hold and it looks like the tree grew it specifically for use as a walking stick!

Blackthorn Walking Stick
Blackthorn Walking Stick

We have three of the knobsticks shown below available. They all have English hazel wood shafts and two with sycamore handles and one with an ash wood handle. These three are neat, well-made sticks and great value for money. Again the stick-maker has made them look entirely natural and as if no work what so ever has gone into the production!

Hazel and Ash Knobstick
Hazel and Ash Knobstick

The two Derby handled adjustable sticks are the tartan and the all-patterned floral stick. The height adjustable aluminium sticks are one of our best-selling sticks as they are light weight, easy to adjust, easy to stowaway and they look really nice.

If any of these sticks (or any others on the website) take your fancy, please use order code freepostage and get them delivered to your UK address for FREE. Please also tell your friends!

Blue Tartan Walking Stick
Blue Tartan Walking Stick