New Walking Sticks Added in April 2017

Besides the newly finished ram’s horn and buffalo sticks, we have added twelve other walking sticks to the site this month.
We have got four special thumbsticks, some unusual handmade sticks, two collector’s canes and three orthopaedic handled walking sticks.

They all fill in gaps in the collections. For example, there is a new Fischer handled black height adjustable stick that is neither folding nor wooden, but aluminum and height adjusting. This is generally what we like to do, offer as many different variations as possible to try and please everybody!

The other Fischer handled stick is also aluminium and height adjusting with a wood effect, textured handle. The black one also has a textured handle for a better grip.

Textured Handle Fischer Stick

The four thumbsticks include; one rare one-piece blackthorn wood thumbstick, two twisty hazels and one very long thumbstick – either for someone very tall or it can be shortened to any height required. The blackthorn one has a very dark purple/black bark and is a fine specimen.

Rare Blackthorn Thumbstick

Of the two other handmade sticks, we have a short market stick and an antler roll handled stick with a leather lanyard. Both of these sticks will be exactly what somebody is looking for.

Another orthopaedic cane is the exra tall (102cm) long wooden canes with shaped left and right amber effect handles. We got these canes in by request from a customer who wanted more choice in the extra long section.

The new blackthorn Derby cane with Derby style wooden handle, replaces the soon to be discontinued 37J blackthorn Derby. We still have a few left in stock so snap them up quick if that’s the stick you really want.

For the two new collector’s canes, we have got a Henry VIII and a Duke of Wellington.

Henry Eighth Walking Stick

We also have just one 83cm blackthorn knobstick, the handle of which has been carved from a large block or blank as they call it in the trade. This could be used as a short knob stick or it could be shortened and used as a shillelagh as the handle is quite large (6 x 7cm).

Blackthorn Knobstick

BT51 and BT52 – Our Sought After Horn Handled Sticks are Back

Our buffalo horn and ram’s horn handled sticks are now back on the website again, but this time they are on apple wood instead of hazel. These two sticks have been very popular over the years but the raw material, particularly the ram’s horn, is sometimes difficult for the stick makers to source, hence the inconsistencies of availability on Walking Sticks Online.

Rams Horn Walking Stick on Apple Wood

Buffalo Horn Handled Walking Stick on Apple Wood

We are pleased to announce the new stock of sticks this month. These sticks are all handmade from start to finish and the handles are mounted on to apple wood shanks. The shanks are coppiced, dried for two years and then steam straightened to produce excellent sticks with a reassuring bounce in the shaft.

The ram’s horn handles are formed over a long period of time by heating, bending and compressing the horn until it forms the desired shape and density. The handles are finished by oiling and polishing until they shine. Working with horn is a very time-consuming process to get the best effects from the horn. It starts out so dull and unappealing and finishes up looking wonderful.

We have three other ram’s horn sticks available to buy on the website and from time to time we have other one-of-a-kind handmade buffalo and ram’s horn sticks for sale. We work closely with several talented stick makers and we are always on the look out for more. If you make sticks or you know someone that does, please contact us and we will see if we can work together.

New Dr.Cane Self Standing Walking Stick

Now here’s a great walking stick! The Dr.Cane stick stands up on its own and has a swivel base that works like a human ankle. The internal suspension system is gentle on your joints and the handle has a reassuring grip. Come and see it and read more at:

Dr Cane Self Standing Stick

Dr Cane Cane

This stick is priced at £42 and £5.60 for the replacement ferrule.

New One Piece Natural Walking Sticks from Ireland

Created by nature in the Republic of Ireland, view our new range of one piece walking sticks. These sticks have been made from some unusual woods; Privet, Rhododendron, Alder, Elderberry and of course some real Irish blackthorn…

The sticks were grown naturally in hedgerows and thickets in the County Mayo countryside. Nature has done all the hard work and then the stick maker did the rest – actually involving about eight hours work per stick! The sticks are left to dry out for abut two years (blackthorn a couple of years longer) and then using steam, the stick maker forms the shanks and the handle. This is a careful and time consuming process, making sure the stick is strong and functional while also retaining the charming lumps and bumps that give character and appeal.

The sticks are then shaved and sanded until the desired look is achieved and then finished with linseed oil to protect the wood from the elements and general wear and tear.

We have never supplied any sticks like these before, with such finishes and in the different woods. Privet, Rhododendron, Alder and Elderberry sticks are all new to us. We like them and we hope that you will too.

On a practical note, we purchased these sticks WITHOUT ferrules attached to the tips so that you can request the perfect height for you. The sticks are mostly over 95cm in height so that gives some room to alter them. Most standard sticks are 90cm tall. When we know the height required, we will add a brass ferrule to the tip ourselves and supply a free rubber ferrule to go over it as well.

Please click on any of the images below to go and take a look at the new selection:

Privet Walking Stick
Privet Walking Stick
Rhododendron One Piece Stick
Rhododendron One Piece Stick
Elderberry Wood Walking Stick
Elderberry Wood Walking Stick
Alder Wood One Piece Stick
Alder Wood One Piece Stick

Neo-York Brightly Coloured Walking Sticks

We sell Neo York walking sticks on our website. These fabulous sticks are the brain-child of Lyndsay Adams. She makes each stick to order and offers a choice of handle size and stick height as well as a series of eye-popping colours. There are even two transparent sticks for days when you wish your stick was invisible.

We have been selling these sticks for a while now and I just recently found an inspirational article about Lyndsay on a site called Muzo World, please read it below:

For our latest innovation spotlight, we chat to Lyndsay Adams of NEO York about her business, and life after working as a trapeze artist at the Paralympics in 2012. Lyndsay talks about how that opportunity happened for her, as well as the foundations of her business, and plans for the future.

Muzo] Can you tell us a bit about your business and who you are?

L] “I’m Lyndsay Adams, and currently I have my own business called Neo York. I manufacture and sell my own range of coloured stylish acrylic walking sticks.”

Muzo] Can you tell us about yourself, your disability, and some of the highlights of your journey?

L] “I’m an above-knee amputee. I lost my leg in 2010. I was poorly in 2006 and caught an MRSA infection while having an operation in hospital. It progressed into the bone in my leg, leaving me with a severely disabled leg that I couldn’t stand on. I lived with it for four years, and then I told them to get rid of it, because it was holding me back, dictating my life, and it was the best thing I’d ever done. I walk with prosthetic leg and use a wheelchair, because I have arthritis in my other knee. I walk as much as I can, but when I can’t I sit in a chair. I don’t grumble about it because I’m still here, and I’m healthy, with a lot to be thankful for. It didn’t ruin my life, all it did was change it. After I lost my leg I joined an agency called ‘Amputees In Action’, who provide all sorts of work for amputees. I did a couple of interviews for newspapers for them, and then I got an email from them one day saying that the Olympic Committee were looking for amputees to take part in the Paralympic ceremony. I was saying yes to everything at this point, because I never knew what was gonna come around the corner. They hoisted me up about eight metres in the air and asked me to do somersaults and twists and turns. I had to commit to four months of performing, so we moved down to London from York for that time, and stayed down there, and I took part in the opening ceremony, and they asked me to do another stunt in the closing ceremony, and I said yes to that.”

Muzo] Opportunities can come from anywhere!

L] “They do. You’ve just got to seize them, because you never know when you’re gonna get the chance. That’s what I do, and it’s led me all over the world now.”

Muzo] How did you make the jump and make these big decisions?

L] “You just have to feel the fear and do it anyway. When we got lifted up for that opening ceremony, on that first somersault, it was very surreal. It was every emotion you could imagine, it was scary, exciting, very overwhelming, and afterwards I just burst into tears. Looking at it now, it’s like it happened to someone else, and I’ll never forget it. But everyone feels the fear of doing something new. To commit to it, I had to know that I could allow myself to fail. I’m all about progress, but I had to be realistic.”

Muzo] When did you decide that the Neo York business was an opportunity you could take?

L] “The hole in the market became obvious to me when I wanted something myself, I was getting married and I knew I was gonna be using sticks to walk down the aisle, and I didn’t want something that was going to look out of place with the wedding dress and the surroundings so I made myself a walking stick made of clear acrylic. I made it in the oven, it was very basic, but it worked. Then I started making them for people, and decided to make a business out of it.”

Muzo] What’s the process you go through when you make them?

L] “I came up with the process myself. You can’t just patent one and say “I invented the walking stick”. Having practiced making one for myself I knew that the plastic would melt at a certain temperature. But you don’t want it to melt, you want it to become malleable, so I had an oven customised. It’s a normal domestic oven with customized doors on the front to allow me to slide the rods in so only the front part of the rod gets heated up. It’s heated until it becomes a malleable state, and then I have jigs with very specific measurements so the handle width is correct. We’ve got one that’s a perfect arc, we’ve got a square one, we’ve got a wider one for bigger hands – We had to come up with different features that people might require. They’re not very fancy but they work a treat, made out of wood. I whip them out of the oven, mold them on the jig, then I cool them as quickly as I can. Then you’re down to polishing, which is the thing that takes time, because that’s the finishing, and makes it look really nice. And cutting for size, obviously, so if people have measurements I can cut the stick to size, or if they want to give one as a gift and they don’t know what size it needs to be we recommend they order a long one, and they can cut it themselves. It’s a simple process, the only thing that’s really different about this is the thought that went into choosing the material. People don’t always put that thought in.”

Muzo] What’s been the highlight of your business with NEO?

L] “The scary part was committing the money. There was a big initial outlay to stock up on rods because that was expensive, and to launch the business in the way that I wanted. That took a deep breath. But after that the biggest highlight was when my first order came in. I thought it was a joke because it was only a week after I’d set the website up. That was an absolute buzz. Another highlight was a celebrity user, I‘ve got Craig Revel Horwood using one, he sent me a signed book to say thank you. It’s a good feeling, really touching. Also I recently got an e-mail that made me cry, this lady who told me what a tough journey it had been, and this stick had given her new confidence. It just brings tears to my eyes, I didn’t think that something so simple could change your attitude.”

Muzo] What kind of people come to you? You must get quite a diverse range of buyers.

L] “Everybody, from 18 to 84. A lot of elderly people get them as gifts. Women haven’t been the multiple buyers, it’s been men, who order all these bright colours. I didn’t expect that. There’s this man in Knaresborough who gets stopped in the street and asked about his stick, which is fabulous because he’s looking for a lady. It’s a bit of a ‘pulling’ stick.”

Muzo] What are your key tips for business success?

L] “Your website is paramount. It has to be stylish and easy to use, and you’ve got to price your goods well. There’s no point overpricing it because you just won’t sell any. Research your market, put yourself in your customers’ shoes. Be quick to respond, be polite, price your postage correctly.”

Muzo] Is geography and travelling a factor in business success?

L] “If you are disabled you have to be prepared to accept help. A lot of people are too independent to accept it. I had to accept that sometimes I need people to help me carry stuff, I need people to push me in a wheelchair. When I was suffering from confidence issues I needed someone to go out with me. Geographically a lot of business success boils down to your internet presence, because that has no geography. Networking is how I’ve found my success. But physically, accept the help.”

Muzo] What are your plans for 2014?

L] “I’m hoping to push the business even further out there. I’m part of a group called Made in Yorkshire, and I did one show with them in York in Parliament Square, that made me get out there, talk to people, show them what the sticks look and feel like, and gives people the chance to open up, ask me questions and talk about their own experiences – I’m doing more shows with them this year. But you have to get out there and be your own advert. This year there’ll be some performing as well.”

Is Your Pashmina a Mypashmina?

Bonfire night marks the first of many cold days and nights ahead for me and it’s when my pashmina collection comes out of the cupboard. If you want to buy the genuine article (direct from Nepal) then come and see the large range of scarves and shawls at Emilyhannah Limited.

Real pashminas are made from cashmere (Originating ONLY from the fine hair of the Capra Hircus goat from the Himalaya). Mypashmina have been selling pashminas since 2002 and they are the real deal. Choose from pure 100% cashmere scarves and shawls or a 70/30 silk and cashmere blend.

Our friends at Mypashmina visit Nepal regularly to meet with the weavers and to reassure themselves that the product is perfect and the workers are happy.

We stock a huge range of Mypashmina pashminas in heaps of colours. We have scarves for women and men too!

Cashmere Scarves for men
Cashmere Scarves for men
Cashmere Scarves and Pashminas for Women
Cashmere Scarves and Pashminas for Women

Also, these are a great idea for Christmas presents. If you need to buy for a lot of people you can buy all of the presents in one go form us! Everybody loves these. They are super warm, light and they look great.

Now More Choice you can Shake a Stick at!

You may have already noticed on the website that we have been adding more and more sticks lately! We now have a choice of over 900 different sticks and canes. We have always tried to offer as much choice as possible in terms of size, handle type and design and now we think we can offer pretty much everything.

We have added more hand carved and handmade sticks which are always special and make excellent gifts. Twenty eight new collectible canes; including parrots, famous composers, lions, shell handled, dogs and horses.

Twenty Eight New Collectible Canes We have added twenty more crook canes including an inexpensive, super strong and super light rattan cane which has been flying out the door this month! And some very nice ones with carved detail.

Crook Canes

Forty seven new Derby handled canes are also now on offer, with a large choice of finishes, woods and handle designs. Derby canes have always been one of the best-sellers and we can now offer them to suit all budgets.

Derby Canes

An extra 21 new crutch handled sticks have been added in both height adjustable aluminium models and wooden canes too. Starting at just £23, these inexpensive, simple sticks are perfect for everyday use.

Crutch Handled Sticks

Orthopedic sticks have also had a boost from the addition of eight new models. Each one can be purchased in left or right hands or as a pair. This style of walking stick is popular among people who use a stick everyday as the handles are so comfortable.

Fischer handled Walking StickWe have added three new wooden walking poles in three shades of chestnut; light, medium and dark. At just £16 each, you won’t find a better bargain on-line!

Wooden Walking PolesFive new folding stick seats are now available too. Choose from patterned designs or plain colours. These recreational seats are very popular, especially among parents and grand parents watching their children or grandchildren playing sports.

Folding Seat Sticks. 2 in 1We are pleased to have some carbon fibre sticks back in stock too. Carbon fibre is an amazing material for stick making. It is both very light and very strong.

Carbon Fibre Sticks

last but not least, we have some new folding sticks in lots of different designs and a few with crystals!

Folding Crystal Sticks

We hope you like our latest offerings! We think we have now covered pretty much everything. Do let us know if there is something in particular you are looking for and we will try and source it or have it made for you.

New in Stock – Shell Handled Walking Canes

We have recently added some very attractive shell handled walking canes to the range. Come and have a look by clicking on the image below on on the following link: Shell Handled Walking Canes

Shell Handled Walking Canes
Shell Handled Walking Canes

Available in five different designs, these Derby handled canes are very well made and look great. The shell is set into the handles with resin so there is no danger of them being chipped off. The shell pieces are from abalone and mother of pearl, also known as nacre. Nacre is strong, resilient and iridescent – perfect stick making qualities!

The shell handled canes are five of over one hundred new items we added to the website last month. Please come and see our new sticks today!

Just like all of our other wooden canes, these shell handled ones can be shortened to any height required, have an engraved plaque added and can be delivered to any UK address in just one day. We also ship overseas.

New Varnished and Shaped Cross Head Walking Stick

Due to the popularity of the one-piece cross head walking sticks that we sell, we have added another one to the range. This one is British coppiced Ash with the characteristic green/grey bark preserved. The handle is shaped and varnished, with the beautiful wood exposed.

Cross head sticks are popular because they are so strong, fashioned from just one piece of wood. The handle is the root and the shank is the shoot that grew up from the root.

Varnished Ash Cross Head Stick
Varnished Ash Cross Head Stick

On the website we also have a hazel, a blackthorn and another ash cross head stick available to buy now. Please click on the image above to go and have a browse.

New Walking Sticks Now In Stock

We have just added a few new walking sticks to our websites. We are always on the lookout for interesting or different sticks to add and here are the latest. Please click on any of the images of the sticks below to be directed to the website for more information or to buy one. Thank you.
1. A Gloss Black Carbon Fibre Tippling Stick
This is an all black walking stick made from super tough carbon fibre with a plexiglass cap handle. Hidden inside the top third of the shank is a glass phial to conceal a few measures of your favourite tipple.
Tippling Stick in Gloss Black
2. A hand carved duck’s head on natural hazel shank.
This is a tall stick made from English hazel wood. The top is hand carved and then flame scorched to create a really beautiful effect. A perfect gift for the nature lover, we can also add an engraved brass plaque to wrap around the shank. This service costs £18 and adds an extra 2 to 3 days onto your order delivery time.
Hand Carved Duck Stick
3. A Gold Coloured Skull Walking Stick
A new addition to the skull head sticks page! We now have a silver plated skull, a black skull with Swarovski crystal eyes and now a golden one!
A skull walking stick is what is know as a “Morituri” or a “Memento mori”, a reminder of our own longevity.
Its also a glitzy and fun object for parties and dressing up. The skull handle is gold painted resin.
Gold Painted Skull Walking Stick
4. A Hand Carved Market Stick on Hazel
A market stick is a traditional stick to lean on while talking to people or watching the sheep. These are individually hand carved (which takes hours and hours) and then mounted on to an English hazel shank with a steel insert for extra stability and strength.
Hand Carved Market Stick
5. Embossed Patterned Chrome Crutch Handled Walking Cane
This smart walking stick is for special occasions and evenings out. We now have quite a large range of silver and chrome plate sticks in stock.
Embossed Patterned Chrome Plate Cane
6. A Super Sized Real Irish Blackthorn Stick
This stick is enormous! It you have been looking for an extra stout, extra tall ( 138cm) and heavy (1.24kg) Irish blackthorn stick then we have just the one for you. The thorns have been cut by the stick maker but he has left the knobbly bits to great effect. The shank is not straightened but that just gives this fantastic stick even more character.  Note: definitely not for girls 🙂
Real Extra Large Irish Blackthorn Stick