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Happy New Year and a Healthy and Happy 2013

Walking Sticks Online re-opened for business on the 7th January and we have now caught up with orders made over the Christmas holidays and we looking forward to adding some new walking canes to the stock. We have recently met with a very skilled stick-maker and we will be adding lots more sticks made by him over the coming months.

For 2013 you can expect some interesting additions to our range of sticks and some improvements to the website.

Happy New Year and a Healthy and Happy 2013.

Latest Christmas Posting Dates @ Walking Sticks Online

You’ve still got plenty of time to order a walking stick so that it is delivered in time for Christmas. Our standard UK service usually (99% of the time) takes just 24 hours.
Last orders every working day are 1pm, so if you make your order before then we
can still dispatch that same day.

Here are the latest Christmas posting dates for 2012:

All UK addresses: 21st December at 1pm

Please note: it is now NOT GUARANTEED delivery to any other countries before

Click to go shopping for walking sticks today!

Customer Comments

We really appreciate customers who give us feedback, good or bad as this helps us to stock the right walking sticks, to make improvements and fix any problems. Last week we had a few problems with our courier as they changed our regular driver. We had one completely missed collection day (apologies again to those who ordered next working day and didn’t get their walking cane in time) and we were invoiced double the amount for the that week! We were expecting a credit for the missed collection and received a GIANT bill instead! Anyway, things are running smoothly again now and you can order your walking stick with confidence! 🙂

We love getting good comments, especially about the handmade sticks as they are very special. Here is a comment from last week:

“Hi Brian
I received my stick today, thank you very much I am over the moon with it thanks again. I shall be in touch very soon to order another one, at the moment I’m trying to loosen the collar on this other stick (NOT THE Blackthorn), but the other stick I have, I must say I was a bit sceptical at first I thought it may come tapered. But my fears were banished when I saw it, its beautiful Brian thank you very much.

We will have some more handmade sticks in stock in November from two new stick makers so watch this space!

Introducing Checkout by Amazon on Walking Sticks Online

Available to all UK ordering and delivery, you can now choose to pay at the checkout of Walking Sticks Online by using your Amazon account.

It works in similar way as using your Paypal account to pay whereby you only need to enter your email address and password to complete your payment. So, there’s no need for entering your card address, then delivery address, email address, telephone number, then the card details etc. Or in fewer words, you use your information already stored in your Amazon account to buy on Walking Sticks Online.

Taking advantage of this option makes ordering from your mobile device much quicker and easier so that you can order on the go.

On our part, we treat all orders made through the website in the same way, i.e the same shipping preferences apply. So if you need a walking stick for a next day delivery then this will still be an option which ever way you choose to pay.

Also if you use your Amazon account to pay with us then you can rest assured that you have the same protection under the Amazon A-to-Z Guarantee as you would have if you were shopping at So that’s double protection!

The Checkout by Amazon feature will be available in the next week or so on Walking Sticks Online.

Walking Sticks Open Day Visit

This year we went to a brilliant open day at one of our stick suppliers’ in the West Country. The open day was the perfect mix of company history, enlightening woodland tour, meeting everyone, beautiful food and drink and walking stick bargains, all set in beautiful countryside.
We learnt a great deal on the day about looking after customers, managing a company successfully as well as a woodland and of course selling!

If I’d had a couple more glasses of that delicious West Country Cider then my walking stick order would have been much larger! Instead, we got some interesting new sticks to fill in some gaps, like different colour flip sticks etc and we bought some nice one-off canes.

So a huge thank you to them! We had a lovely time and we learnt heaps!

It was interesting to find out about coppicing, drying, seasoning and straightening the wood in preparation for turning it into sticks. Likewise, how the different handle types are formed was also interesting. A knobstick is formed using the shoot and roots or by a ‘v’ cut down. One of the arms or shoots it cut down and shaped into the knob handle while the other is left long to form the shaft of the stick.

Once coppiced, the sticks are left to dry in a dry store for two to three years. Then they are steam-straightened. The process for this is putting the sticks into a long box
with a hole in the floor of it which allows the steam in. The sticks are then straightened while they are hot and pliable. This is also how the crook handles are bent around to shape. That is by steaming the stick first then, bending then over a jig while the wood is hot.

Lots of things can go wrong though. If the wood is not steamed for long enough then cracking or splitting can occur. If the wood is dried to quickly, i.e with artificial heat from a kiln or something, then again cracking and splitting can occur.

The finishing process was the part that I found most appealing. Varnishing or polishing with oil, painting and attaching the finishing touches like brass collars and steel ferrules.  I took some nice photos which wasn’t difficult as the place was so beautiful and the day so lovely.

Walking Sticks Online Cookie Statement

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Walking Sticks Online Review Collecting by Trustpilot

You may have noticed on our Google advert that we a star rating (currently 5 out of 5 :)) referring to our customer reviews.
You may also have noticed the Trustpilot badge on our website, or maybe you have received an email from Trustpilot asking you to spare a couple of minutes to write a review about us, good or bad!?

We have recently signed up with Trustpilot to collect customer reviews on our behalf so that we can keep our customer service up to speed and receive valuable feedback about our company. Trustpilot ask the customer to rate such things as:

Customer service, shipping (fast or not), prices, the selection, packaging and the ordering process

We are always trying to improve all of the above to keep everybody happy and continue to make a living so any feedback regarding these is gratefully received.

Also, all of the reviews are independent and can only be made by our customers, i.e you have to have made an order and received an order number to be able to write a review. This is important in knowing that you can trust the reviews are genuine. Before signing up with Trustpilot, we displayed all of the comments we received by email from Walking Sticks Online customers and put them on a page of the website which can be viewed on the following link: Walking Sticks Online Customer Comments. These are also genuine comments from genuine customers, naturally!

Positive feedback is great but it also helps our post-order customer service when things occasionally go wrong.

As they saying goes “Sharing is caring” so if you have a comment to make please take the time (only a couple of minutes) to share your comment when you receive the email or you can comment using Facebook.

Thank you!

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