We Buy Walking Sticks

We love sticks and we love running walkingsticksonline.co.uk and we are always on the look out for new and interesting sticks to add to the range. If you make or supply walking sticks or any other related items please do contact us by phone or email to have a chat because we buy walking sticks regularly.

We are particularly looking for unusual products that you don’t find in High Street shops. We work with several suppliers and we have different methods of working with each of them so we are always open to suggestions.

The beauty of online selling means that goods don’t have to be moved around (except the final shipping to the customer!). They only need photographing, videoing and a description written and then adding to the website. Then hopefully it is something people want to buy and everybody wins without too much initial bother or damage to the product.

Please do contact us if you manufacture walking sticks and would like to get them out there. We work very hard for a living and we like to do things properly.

Walking Sticks on Pinterest

If you like looking at beautiful pictures, try Pinterest! I have spent many hours (possibly days, ahem) browsing this amazing website. It works like this; members join Pinterest and use it as a tool for collecting and organising their pictures, then other members can “like” or “follow” the board they have created.

It’s a great tool for collecting and organising pictures of a trip you are planning, holiday pictures, wish lists, projects (such as a house renovation) or just for beautiful, inspiring things that you want to look at all together in one place and to show other people.

I found this fantastic board of walking sticks http://www.pinterest.com/akell7/walking-sticks/

If you are interested in antique and/or unusual walking sticks then have a look today, you will be hooked! You can see a couple of examples below, they are truly amazing!

Ivory Octopus Walking Stick
Ivory Octopus Walking Stick
Antique Walking Stick - Snail
Antique Walking Stick – Snail

Pinterest is absolutely excellent for art, just to browse through the different collections is so inspiring and wonderful.

Lovely Customer Feedback

I love receiving these kind of emails:

“I would like to thank you for the excellent service provided. The prompt response to my phone call and the manor in which you dealt with it is remarkable.
The stick arrived yesterday and I would have no hesitation in recommending your company to all my friends .
Many thanks


“Walking stick received okay thank you. Just the job!


“Many thank for the two informative e-mails and for the
superb service – my order has just arrived!

We are a small family run business and really appreciate all feedback so that we can improve our products and services. Rest assured, we do act on all comments we receive.

The best way to leave comments is to email them to us. Then we have a written record in the inbox and can act on the comments swiftly and efficiently. Many thanks for taking the time to do this.

A Note About Leaving a Note for the Courier Bringing your Walking Stick Order

When you place an order online with us for a walking stick, you have the option to add some instructions for the courier or postman. We highlight these messages on the box or parcel containing your walking stick in the hope that the courier or postman will notice. We also suggest that if you know you are going to be out when the courier arrives, leave a signed note on your front door with the instructions and he or she should do as requested.

If you enter your mobile telephone number and/or email address when placing your order, you will receive a message from the courier giving you a two hour delivery window so you know when to wait in. This applies to all of the NON – folding walking sticks. ALL folding sticks and accessories are sent by Royal Mail so they do not send SMS text messages.

It is best to organise these instructions BEFORE delivery as it is very difficult for you or us to get hold of individual drivers to give them instructions.

There are a few things you can include on your note; such as a safe place to leave the parcel, i.e Behind the Fence, leave the parcel with a neighbour (provide the house number) or things like “Please allow time to answer the door I am disabled” and other such messages. As long as you sign and add your name, there shouldn’t be a problem.

If you need help with any of this or you would like to discuss before ordering, then please call or email us, we are happy to help.


July’s Best Selling Walking Stick

This month’s best selling walking stick is the leather bound shooting stick, order code 005. We offer a large range of shooting sticks and the 005 is one of the less expensive options. This shooting stick is height adjustable, has a leather seat and handles and a leather bound shaft. The metal plate at the tip twists into a horizontal position to prevent the stick from sinking into soft ground and you can buy a rubber ferrule with a steel washer inside to put over the spiked tip if you want to use it on hard ground. It weighs just over a kilogram and can support a user weight of up to 127 kilograms (20 stone).

So, as you can see it is a robust, practical and good looking shooting stick to be used anywhere.

As July has been such a glorious month in Britain (weather wise) we have sold lots of shooting sticks, flip sticks and our fold out chairs too.

To all of our customers, we hope you are enjoying this lovely weather and long may it last!

Leather Bound Shooting Stick
Leather Bound Shooting Stick

Customer Feedback Regarding our Walking Sticks

It is always nice to receive comments by email, phone and letter about our walking sticks and our customer service. We act on all comments, both complimentary and positive criticism so please do email, call or write to us or respond to our comments collection tool Trustpilot.

Here are some recent comments from our lovely customers,

“Dear Emily
Thank you so much for the beautiful black Labrador walking stick. I am so very pleased with the workmanship and the finish of the stick. I like the brass collar engraved too, really sets it off.

I had been looking for a while for a suitable stick, one that no-one else is likely to have. I saw the black Labrador on the Friday night when I was browsing and really fell in love with it. The match you’ve made with the stick is just right. Thank you so very much to you and your staff for all the work and thought that has gone into the make-up, it is outstanding, I really love it.


“Very fast reliable service
Excellent quality
Dad was thrilled


“I ordered my walking stick one afternoon and it arrived the next day! I was pleasantly surprised as I had not expected it for a couple of days. The website was easy to use. The product description was clear and precise. The walking stick was not the cheapest one I found but I thought it would be better quality. The postage and packing was expensive – but postage is these days. Altogether a good experience.


“I only needed a new ferrule for my walking stick and this site offered me exactly what I wanted, good pictures, good prices and great service.
Would definitely use them again and recommend them.

We are a small, family-run business and every customer matters to us, so if there are any ways you think we can improve please let us know.

Thank you!

www.campetition.co.uk Competition Winners and Competition Stats

The www.campetition.co.uk that www.walkingsticksonline.co.uk was a part of, was a huge success. We have three lucky winners who each won a pair of hiking poles. There were also heaps of other camping gear prizes that were won too.
Here are some statistics from the competition that ran over a period of 14 days this month.

1. The camping gear giveaway competition gained widespread internet coverage, including on the Money Saving Expert website.

2. There were 11,907 visits to the campetition website.

3. 5,953 people entered the campetition.

4. 3,574 people completed our survey to enter the star prize draw.

5. 842 visitors clicked links to view further supplier product or company information.

6. There was a tonne of enthusiasm and engagement on social websites. www.campetition.co.uk had 346 shares of the main post on Facebook, gained around 1,500 likes and reached just over 50,000 people.

Isn’t the reach and success of social media and the internet amazing?!

Catalogue Update

We are currently updating our printed catalogue, with an anticipated arrival of three weeks from now. So if you have recently requested one of our catalogues to be sent to you in the post then we have not forgotten about you, we will send it as soon as they are ready!

The new catalogue will include many of the new walking sticks recently added to the range, such as the Danish Omhu walking sticks, the extra long canes, the silver and chrome plated sticks and the new collector’s canes.

The new catalogue will also have a new price list.

We get a lot of requests every week for catalogues. It is a nice break to be able to browse through a printed collection of sticks and read about them without turning on a computer.

Courier Delivery Information

This is just a quick post about adding your mobile phone number to your delivery details when you make an order with us.
If you ordering a long walking stick (i.e any stick that is NOT a folding stick) then your order will be sent to you by courier as they cannot be sent by Royal Mail because of their parcel length restrictions.
The courier we use gives the option to text the customer with a delivery time window which is usually one or two hours. This is handy as you can then plan your day around your delivery and not have to wait in unnecessarily.
So, as you fill out the delivery name and address, please include your mobile phone number and an email address as well so that you can track your order too.
Also, as we are an internet company we need to be able to contact you in case of any problems, such as a postcode error or a gate number or something.
We promise NOT to pass on any such personal details, they will ONLY be used for the purpose of fulfilling your order, that is delivering your walking stick in a timely manner.
We thank you for your co-operation!