Sunday Delivery for Walking Sticks Coming Soon

That’s right! Shortly you will be able to have walking sticks delivered to you on a Sunday.
If you are old school like me, then you will remember even the sweet shop being closed on a Sunday let alone buying alcohol!

Soon we will be adding the Sunday delivery option to the website so that you can choose between standard delivery (1-2 days), guaranteed next day delivery, Saturday and now Sunday delivery to all UK addresses.

We also offer overseas delivery to anywhere in the world. If your country is not on the list at the checkout then please email us and we will send you a link.

The Sunday service will start in July with deliveries operating between 9am and 5pm reaching 98% of the UK population.

Customers will receive a SMS text (if a mobile telephone number is provided at the checkout) or an email with a 1 hour delivery window so that they can plan their day.

Customers will also be able to track their delivery driver using a real-time map.

We will email all our lovely customers when the new delivery services are launched.

A Classic Case of Putting Pen to Paper

The following is an interesting article I just read this morning in “This” magazine, The homecare industry information service, issue 188 May, 2014.

“There are lots of easy ways to get yourself some free publicity and one of them is by writing a letter to the papers. In THIS magazine we have carried a number of letters over the years – some funny, some angry and some that have sparked a considerable amount of debate!

If you are going to write a letter though, then it might as well be to one of the top titles in the world and so enter Charlotte Gillan, managing Partner of Classic Canes who penned a short note to the Editor of the Times and managed to get the company some coverage.

Charlotte explained, “There has been a long-running series of letters in The Times about uses for old copies of The Times e.g lighting fires, cigarette papers etc.”

Charlotte decided to get involved in the debate. her letter read:

“Sir, we recycle old newspapers as packaging when we send products to our customers around the world. Some Anglophile customers now specify a particular paper. You will be pleased to know that The Times is the first choice of our Swedish, Italian and French customers. However, the Germans prefer our Western Gazette because the articles are funnier. The stories usually concern lost cats and punch-ups in Chard town centre. I hope this feedback is of value to your international news editors.”

The item was seen by a lot of people and, as Charlotte added it sparked responses. “We were very pleased to find that some of our account holders read the letters page of The Times too and we’ve had lots of emails. One mobility retailer made us laugh because they said we are their only supplier to use the FT as packaging; everyone else uses redtops.”

So, the next time you see a comment, a debate or argument that you could get involved with, why not consider popping a short note or letter through to the editor – you never know what might happen!

Thriplow Daffodil Weekend

We really enjoyed showing the walking sticks at the Thriplow Daffodil Weekend this year!

Thriplow Daffodil Weekend 2014
Thriplow Daffodil Weekend 2014

It was good to meet the public to get some valuable feedback about walking sticks. We certainly met some characters! One gentleman showed us a fantastic (very) crooked hazel stick with the ball top handle made from (wait for it) his hip bone! He had had both hips replaced and on one occasion he asked to take his old hip bone home with him and use it as a walking stick handle!

I was so surprised I nearly dropped it on the floor!

Crooked Hazel Walking Stick with Hip Bone Handle
Crooked Hazel Walking Stick with Hip Bone Handle

The best thing about the stalls for me was the fudge stand and for Emily the dried flowers, 3 bunches of South African Proteas for £5!

We mostly sold our colourful umbrellas, some folding sticks and the seat sticks.

Happy Chinese New Year – The Year of the Horse

The Chinese New Year was celebrated on the 31st January and 2014 is the year of the horse.

The spirit of the horse is recognized to be the Chinese people’s ethos – making unremitting efforts to improve themselves. It is energetic, bright, warm-hearted, intelligent and able. Ancient people liked to designate an able person as ‘Qianli Ma’, a horse that covers a thousand li a day (one li equals half a kilometer).

We stock two of walking sticks with horse head toppers. Please click on any of the images below to
go and take a look at our range online. We can also supply a further four walking canes, three silver plated and one with a resin handle.

Year of the Horse Walking Stick
Year of the Horse Walking Stick
Racehorse Topper Walking Stick
Racehorse Topper Walking Stick


If you would like to see these other sticks too, please contact us and we will send you some pictures.

1906 25 Jan 1906 – 12 Feb 1907 (Fire)
1918 11 Feb 1918 – 31 Jan 1919 (Earth)
1930 30 Jan 1930 – 16 Feb 1931 (Metal)
1942 15 Feb 1942 – 04 Feb 1943 (Water)
1954 03 Feb 1954 – 23 Jan 1955 (Wood)
1966 21 Jan 1966 – 04 Feb 1967 (Fire)
1978 07 Feb 1978 – 27 Jan 1979 (Earth)
1990 27 Jan 1990 – 14 Feb 1991 (Metal)
2002 12 Feb 2002 – 31 Jan 2003 (Water)
2014 31 Jan 2014 – 18 Feb 2015 (Wood)
These are all Years of the Horse according to Chinese astrology. Were you born in a Horse Year? Is there anyone in your family who is a horse? Would you or they like a horse handled walking stick to celebrate? If so please take advantage of one of our discount codes; freepostage to get your stick delivered anywhere in the United Kingdom for free or code 10percent to get 10% off of your order, whichever is best for you!
Just enter either code in to the promotional code box and the checkout and then click apply to see the new amount including the discount in your cart.
Chinese astrology makes for interesting yet conflicting reading. For example someone born in a horse year is described as;  Horses are proud yet sweet-natured, arrogant yet oddly modest in their approach to love, envious but tolerant, conceited yet humble. They want to belong, yet they are burdened by their need for independence. They need love and crave intimacy yet often feel cornered, pressured.   What?!@!*$>#!
Happy Chinese New Year everybody!

Come and see us at the Thriplow Daffodil Weekend

Come and see Walking Sticks Online at the Thriplow Daffodil weekend on the 5th and 6th April 2014!

The Thriplow Daffodil weekend has been held every year since 1969 in the pretty village of Thriplow in Cambridgeshire just 8 miles south of Cambridge.

The weekend is a celebration of Spring when the village is in bloom with thousands of Daffodils, we always go to get a lovely picture of our little boys in the daffodils! All profits generated by the villagers go to local charities and everyone, but everyone gets involved.

Along side the paying stall holders (selling crafts, gifts and food) the villagers set up stalls outside their homes and in their driveways selling cakes, bric-a-brac, toys, books and plants.
As well as the trade stalls there is a lot to see. Sheep dog trials, owls from the Raptor Association, free horse drawn dray rides around the village, honey bees, rides for children, bouncy castles, black smith demonstrations, vintage cars and tractors, Morris dancing and of course some lively music.
The village church holds bell ringing displays and talks, a big flower festival, organ music and singing. The food and drink tents offer locally produced food and beer with something for everyone.

Daffodils at Thriplow Weekend
Daffodils at Thriplow Weekend

Tens of thousands of people come to Thriplow each year and the organisers even plant early and late varieties of Daffodil to avoid disappointment due to the weather. It really is a great weekend. Since 1969 the village has raised over £400,000 for charity and this was formally recognized in 2011 when the committee received the Queens Award for Voluntary Service (the equivalent of an MBE for charities).

We have always found it to be a lovely, friendly event and this year we have decided to have a stall on the village green selling walking sticks and accessories. We will be mainly showcasing the handmade walking sticks and we will be buying in a whole batch before hand.

Please come and see us to have a chat, pick up a free catalogue and have some cheese and wine or tea and cake which ever takes your fancy.

Some things you need to know
1. The entry fee is £5 for adults, £2.50 for under 16s and free for under 5s. Most attractions are free once you have paid the entrance fee with the large possibility of finding some lovely gifts, crafts, plants and bargains for yourself or for others. Some of the children’s rides are paid.

2. The event is suitable for wheel chairs as the traffic is blocked off from the whole village.

3. You can bring your dog along as long as he or she is kept on a lead.
4. A free minibus operates around the village as wheelchairs and mobility scooters are not available to borrow at the event.
5. Coach companies organise trips from all over the country. You can find one that departs from somewhere near you by contacting the Thriplow Daffodil Weekend website or doing a Google search.

See you there!

Recent Reviews of Walking Sticks Online

How do you know which online company to trust? We have been collecting comments and reviews since we began trading back in 2004. Here’s a few of our latest reviews about our walking sticks, our customer service, ease of ordering and delivery:

You can lean on Walkingsticksonline with confidence that they will not let you down.

I was delighted with the service from this company from start to finish. The product, the service, and the prompt and efficient delivery left absolutely nothing to be desired.
I would recommend them to anybody and will certainly keep them as number one in my list of suppliers.



Eye Catching !!

I hated having to admit I needed a walking stick but if I was going to have to use one I wanted something different.
Not only does mine give me confidence but it gets admiring looks and comments as well. A great buy, good quality and quick delivery.


Security, independance, dignity, with a little bit of glamour, folded discreetly, in my handbag

The two walking sticks, that ive bought recently, from walking sticks online, are really solid yet feminine and have enabled me to see this necessary item, almost as a fashion statement ! I have one fixed one and one fold up one, which is great to tuck in your handbag. I was so pleased , with the huge choice. Needing to use a walking stick to be able to be mobile and independent, was very hard , initially, for me to come to terms with. The old image of a wooden stick, felt frumpy and made me feel if I had had to use this type as though I would be making a declaration ‘ look at me, im disabled ‘. However, these have set me free, from that fear. I have so many comments about how nice they are, which stops me from feeling self conscious. Thyankyou 🙂


No problems

Easy to order and delivered on time


On the Move with Walkingsticks.

Excellent and quick response to my requirements. Confidence in suppliers makes life so much easier.

Sarah Pearson


Fast friendly service.


Fast and efficient

Delivery quick, in perfect condition, no hesitation in recommending


Reliable, prompt service, I would highly recommend this company

I bought the walking stick for my mother, she commented how well made it was and she like the design very much. The stick was adjustable and folded neatly into her shopping back making it very convenient when she travels by bus or car.

Sandra Reynolds


Would recpmmend without reservation !!

A very unusual and well thought out item Extremely light and comfortable to use. The light and alarms are particularly useful when walking our dogs because it takes away the need for a torch. I bought it as a present for my husband who has painful joints and he is very pleased with it in every way. He uses the radio whilst waiting on a bench when I am in the shops!!! He loves gadgets !!!! It was delivered very promptly and was a reasonable price too !!


Very happy with product and service

they were great it was over the christmas period and i was very impressed with their delivery and solving the problem

Sean Baxter

New golf walking stick put a smile on my dad,s face, particularly the tipple container hidden in the handle !!!

Service delivery was first class and the quality of the golf walking stick lived up to expectations. The engraving on the club head was a great feature and one my father enthused over on Christmas Day and beyond. I would not hesitate to recommend you to other’s.

Happy 2014 to All of Our Lovely Customers!

Wishing everyone a happy and healthy 2014!

New for 2014: We will have some great new crutches in stock and available to buy on the website. We have been looking to add some more crutches to the range for a while and we have found some suitable ones to add. So keep a look out over the next few weeks.

Also new, we will have more great handmade walking sticks and we are looking to add some really different ones this year.

We are in the process of making some instructional videos for our sticks as sometimes its easier to watch a short video to see how something works, adjusts or the dimensions rather than reading a page of text. We aim to have these ready by the end of February.

Our new website selling world globes and maps is having a promising start and as it’s a hobby of mine (staring at maps and planning dream around-the-world trips all day) it promises to be updated with beautiful new globes all of the time. Please have a look when you get a chance

That’s it for now!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Wishing all of our lovely customers and their families a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Also, this year the last posting date is the 23rd December to all UK addresses. As Christmas day falls on a wednesday this year there is a bit more time for ordering.

Look out for some great new products from Emilyhannah Ltd in 2014.

Latest Christmas Posting Dates for Your Walking Stick Order

Ordering for Christmas at has started with a gusto! We have got some great items on the website that will make perfect gifts so come and have a look.

Please note the following latest Christmas posting dates this year for your walking stick order are:

Wednesday 4th December – Asia, Far East (including Japan), New Zealand

Thursday 5th December – Australia

Friday 6th December – Africa, Caribbean, Central & South America, Middle East

Monday 9th December – Cyprus, Eastern Europe

Tuesday 10th December – Canada, France, Greece, Poland

Friday 13th December – USA

Saturday 14th December – Western Europe (excluding France, Greece, Poland) and HM Forces Mail – British Forces Post Office (BFPO)

Friday 29th November – Airmail to Operational BFPOs

Friday 13th December – Airmail to Static BFPOs UK Services

Monday 23th December – UK addresses

New Floating Cart on

Last week we changed the way the shopping cart works on Shopping for walking sticks online has never been easier.

The new floating shopping cart on
The new floating shopping cart on

As you can see on the screenshot above, you click on the Buy Now button as usual but instead of this taking you off to the shopping cart it adds the item to the drop-down cart instead. So the item is added to the cart while you stay on the page and the cart floats down so that you can see what you have added.

We you click on to a different page to look at some other walking sticks or accessories, the cart minimizes into the top bar, but if you click on the little down arrow in the top right where the Total in £s is displayed and where the Checkout button is, the cart will drop-down again.

This is much better we feel, mainly because you are free to browse around the website adding items to the cart and staying on the website until you want to checkout. At the checkout you can then change quantities, remove items and then choose your shipping.

Its like the Amazon cart, you don’t have to worry about losing the stick you were looking at, you can just add it to the cart and then remove it later if you change your mind.

Anyway, we hope you like it and find it easier to use with less clicking back and forward from the cart to the website. If you spot any problems, please let us know and we will fix it, thank you!