Watch Walking Stick Videos on Youtube Now

Come and see our recently uploaded walking stick videos. We have just uploaded about forty videos to Youtube about the different types of walking sticks and canes you can buy at Emilyhannah Ltd.

Each short video shows the full length view and a close up of the handle of an example of all the categories we sell. For example there is just one video about Derby Canes.

The one screen text explains what each stick is good for and the various features. Each video also has a voice over to listen to and a transcript if you would prefer to read instead.

If you want to know more about any of the sticks featured in the videos, just click on the link to have a browse or to go shopping!

We are currently working on some more videos so that we have everything covered. So maybe subscribe to our channel to keep updated.

We think these videos are useful to explain to someone (perhaps somebody who wants to buy a you a walking stick as a gift) why a stick has a particular handle or what kind of stick is a thumbstick. Each sixty second video tells you everything you need to know about each type.

If you think we have missed anything, or you would like to see a particular video, please contact us via the website. Enjoy!

EH Fulfilment Company – Our New Venture

EH fulfilment offers the secure and safe storage of your products and daily order fulfilment. EHFulfilment is part of Emilyhannah Limited. We have been successfully trading online since 2004 with several websites that are still going strong, updating and improving all the time.

In 2014 we began order fulfilment for another company and we have added another company to the books this year. We would like to expand this side of the business because we enjoy it and we are good at it.

If you are looking for a reliable and trustworthy company to take care of the dispatch side of your business, then you need look no further!

Our prices start from 90p per order (including storage) depending on how much space your products take up and how long it takes us to pick, pack and dispatch your products. For example, sending a single title paperback book is much easier and quicker for us to send than garden furniture.

Set up is completely free. Once you have had your products delivered to us, we will take care of the rest; shelving, sorting, labelling etc. We charge a single flat fee per order (agreed with you in advance) that includes the storage, picking, packing and email communications with you daily.

We also offer stock-takes, measuring and weighing, product photography and video and all other product related tasks that it makes perfect sense for us to carry out as we have the products with us.

Our tech savvy staff can also sort out anything technical to ensure the smooth and mistake-free integration with your store front.

We can also design and print your printable marketing material; catalogues ( both printed and digital), business cards, leaflets and flyers as well as web design, blogs and email mail shots.

Contact us today if you would like to discuss anything. We look forward to your call or email!



Tel. 0208 123 8042

EH Fulfilment - Order Fulfilment Company
EH Fulfilment – Order Fulfilment Company


DPD Courier Channel Tunnel Delays- Latest

We send a fair few walking stick orders to France with Royal Mail and the courier DPD. If you have ordered something for delivery to France this week or next week, please be aware there may be some delays. DPD sent us this notice:

“Continued International service delays at Channel Tunnel!

Delays at the Channel Tunnel at both ends are continuing to impact on our parcel deliveries into the UK, to and from Europe.

Please be aware, parcels collected on Tuesday 30 June will incur a 24 hour delay and parcels collected yesterday we expect to also experience a 24 hour delay.

Operation Stack is still enforced on the M20 motorway and there are reports of a 7 hour delay at the French border.

Ferry ports are again closed today due to industrial action which is further impacting on the Channel Tunnel congestion, however today is due to be the last day of strikes which will see our operation return to normal.

We are doing everything possible to minimise delays and will keep you informed of any further developments.”

channel tunnel


The poor drivers! 7 hour delays! Please be patient about your order while “Operation Stack” is still enforced. “Operation Stack” is on its fourth day and the lorry drivers have received humanitarian assistance including; 18,000 bottles of water and 6,500 meals!

What is operation stack?
Operation Stack is used by Kent Police and the Port of Dover in England to park (or “stack”) lorries on the M20 motorway in Kent when services across the English Channel, such as those from the Channel Tunnel or Port of Dover are disrupted, for example by bad weather or industrial action, or by fire or derailments in the tunnel.

According to Damian Green MP, by 2007 the system had been implemented 74 times in the 20 years after it was first introduced. (Source Wikipedia).

View Our Walking Sticks Catalogue Online

You can have a browse through our walking sticks catalogue online now.

If you are waiting for your printed catalogue in the post, click below to flip through it online instead. It is a beautiful turn-able catalogue, page by page. Let us know what you think by email or phone.

Our catalogue features most of the sticks we sell. New additions and discontinued sticks means that a new catalogue will be available to request free in the post or to view online in 2016.

The catalogue also only features a small selection of handmade walking sticks. We update our collection of handmade sticks all of the time and we can of course take on commissions for hand carved pieces and other bespoke requests.

Mobile Friendly Updated Websites

You will be glad to know that all of the Emilyhannah Limited websites are now mobile friendly, so they look great and work perfectly on whatever device you are using to browse the internet.
What’s changed? To make a site work properly on a mobile phone or a palm top device like a Kindle or an ipad the menu must work properly, the images need to be the right size and be able to zoom in and out easily and the text size and buttons need to be just right for reading on a small screen and for touching with a finger.
Fortunately, my brother Mark of Ranch Studios web design is up the minute with the latest in coding and with a few hours of writing pages of code we had all of our websites updated.
If you want a brand new mobile friendly website get in touch and we will have it made for you.
Have you seen our other websites? Besides walking sticks, we also sell beautiful cashmere scarves for him and her, pewter gift ware (tankards and hip flasks), pocket watches, hammocks and lots of other accessories for you and your home.

Shop by Brand at Walking Sticks Online

We hold a large stock of walking sticks from ten different suppliers, including four local stick makers.

We have just added a new feature to Walking Sticks Online enabling customers to filter their search by brand name. This is useful if you have been recommended to buy a particular stick and you know the brand. We supply hundreds of walking sticks and it can sometimes be a bewildering choice. Shopping in this new way narrows it down a bit.

If you are looking for a walking stick made by a particular company and we do not sell it on it is worth your while to contact us and we will order it in for you. Delivery will only be an extra couple of days.

So, who’s who in the world of walking sticks? Well our two main suppliers are UK companies with a vast number of years of experience and sales between them.

Two of the local stick makers we work with are trained engineers and both take a lot of pride and care in what they do. Take my word for it, these two can certainly talk (and talk, and talk a bit more!) about sticks.

They both love what they do and make top quality sticks that are designed to last at least a lifetime.

The other two stick makers are retired gentlemen who make beautiful sticks as a hobby.

Tango and Sabi are both stick makers on the continent. Their sticks are innovative, stylish, creative and brilliant. If you want a stick to be really proud of, then go for one of these.

Switch Sticks have brought us stunning folding walking sticks since 2005 and their designs are second to none. Each Switch Stick brings beautiful design and functionality together and everyone loves them!

Neo York lucite canes are made by Lyndsay. As a walking stick user, Lyndsay knows what people want and like and as a result she supplies amazing sticks. You can have a completely transparent stick for when you want your stick to be invisible. Or a funky gold cane for a party.

What is most evident about the sticks we sell from our various suppliers is that they all care and want to make the best sticks possible, coming up with new and interesting designs all the time.

The Snow and Walking Stick Deliveries

Here is the news… Due to the weather conditions (particularly the snow) in some areas of the country this week, some walking stick deliveries may be delayed a day or two.

We keep a large stock of walking sticks in our own warehouse, but when items run low we order more from our various suppliers. We have a supplier in Inverness at one end of the country and another in Somerset at the other end. As all of our orders are delivered to us by road, weather conditions do cause delays from time to time.

Our handmade sticks are all sourced locally so there are no problems there, but we also work with six other suppliers dotted around Europe so there are lots of roads in between that can be affected.

We send out our sticks with three different couriers and with Royal Mail and they of course are vulnerable to adverse weather conditions.

We don’t get much snow in Britain, but when we do, everything is affected 🙂

Please be patient and allow an extra day or two for deliveries.


A Note About Photography for Walking Sticks Online

Pictures, photos or images? Whatever you call them, we are updating the walking stick pictures this week for the website. It is very important that you get a good look at the stick you are buying as you cannot hold it in your hands as it were.

Some of the pictures were looking a bit ropey, so we have taken new ones and are uploading them this week. Photography for walking sticks is actually quite easy as long as the lighting is set up nicely and there is a good enough contrast between the subject and the background.

We will be adding lots of video clips soon as well just to make choosing a stick even easier. The sticks that need a little explaining (such as flip sticks or shooting sticks) will benefit greatly from this.

We are happy to email you an additional photo or short video of our any of our products if you need to get a better look before you buy. The best thing to do is to email or call us (0208 123 8042) with your request and we will get straight on it.


Emilyhannah Ltd – Walking Stick Specialists

We are walking stick specialists. If there is anything you need to know or a stick that you want to have made for you then contact us, we have the answers.

We are celebrating our tenth year of selling walking sticks online and we have accrued a wealth of knowledge and some great contacts in the stick making world. We know more than we thought even possible about everything to do with sticks; from the humble rubber ferrule to how to make a ram’s horn handled shepherd’s crook.

We work with an ever increasing number of suppliers and stick makers and we always enjoy hearing about new products, particularly the handmade sector. We find stick makers to be a very clever, engineering minded and creative bunch and its wonderful to see their latest ideas come to fruition.

We have recently started working with a local stick maker who offers hand carved sticks with the owner’s pet as the handle. He does an amazing job of carving a true likeness to your dog just from the photos sent to him. The stick shanks are selected, cut, dried and steam straightened by the same stick maker and the handle often takes 9 hours or more to carve. These sticks obviously don’t come cheap but they are beautiful present to give or a wonderful thing to own yourself.

This year we are concentrating on getting our website and services better known to more people. As I said at the beginning of this blog post, we are walking stick specialists, we sell hundreds of different sticks and stick making parts and the website is called!

Google has not been kind to us these last couple of years and we are trying to get back onto page 1 where we should be. If you would like to help us in this matter, please do link to the website if you like it or find it useful.

Happy New Year for 2015!

Happy New Year everyone. This is a special year for us as it’s our tenth year of on-line trading in walking sticks and accessories. To celebrate we are charging ahead with a brand new website selling all sorts of sticks as well as some beautiful accessories and gift ware for you and your home.
Take a look when you can, it’s

You will find sticks and umbrellas, pashminas and cashmere, hammocks and hanging chairs, pocket watches and hipflasks, trophies and horn ware, hipflasks and tankards and more. We will be adding more beautiful products as we come across them.

We will be adding more sticks to both sites this month and everything will be spick and span by the end of January.