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Black Aluminium Extendable Stick

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A simple and practical aluminium walking stick that can be adjusted in height from 76 to 99cm. The main part of the stick is made from aluminium metal, while the handle is made from wood, formed into the popular Derby shape. Derby handles have a hooked end so that you can hook the stick over your arm or wrist when you need to use your hands for a task. The handle is of a standard size and measures 13cm x 2.2cm and the top section of the shaft has a diameter of 18mm. The bottom section has a dameter of 15mm. The whole stick weighs only 240 grams and there is a rubber ferrule covering the tip. Choose this stick if you are looking for one for is discreet, comfortable to use and light in weight.

  • Order code geh365
  • Handle dimensions 13cm x 2.2cm
  • Height adjustable from 76 to 99cm
  • Derby handle
  • Shaft diameter 18mm (top section) to 15mm
  • Aluminium shaft
  • Weight 240 grams
  • Complete with rubber ferrule
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