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Derby Handled Sticks

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The Derby handled height adjustable walking sticks have 18mm diameter shafts with the bottom section being 16mm and the handles measure 13 x 2 cm.

The height is easily adjusted by unscrewing the collar, pushing in the button and then twisting the two sections up or down to push the button through the next hole, setting the correct height for you. Once the height is set, you don't need to change it again, you just tighten the collar and you are ready to go.

Our excellent range of adjustable Derby canes are strong, reliable and great quality. Click on each walking stick image to find out the measurements. The Union Flag and the poinsettia canes make ideal gifts.

These walking sticks are perfect for those looking for a colourful alternative or if you are unsure of the exact height stick you require.

We have a vast selection to choose from and if you want anymore pictures to help you decide which ine to go for, then just drop us a line and we can email you some mobile phone images of the walking stick or sticks you want a closer or alternative look at.

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