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Bronze Height Adjustable Walking Stick

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This stick has quite a large handle, making it more suited to men (The wooden handle measures 14 x 2.3cm). The aluminium shaft is a metallic beige or light brown colour. The height adjusts from 76 to 99cm in 1 inch increments using a toggle and tightening/loosening collar system. Great for travelling, this stick can be complelety collapsed down to just 60cm in length. Supplied with a rubber ferrule already fitted on the end.

  • Order code geh347
  • Height Adjustable from 76 to 99cm
  • Weight 300 grams
  • Wooden crutch handle measures 14 x 2.3cm
  • Diameter of top section 20mm, lower section 18mm
  • Total collapsed length 60cm
  • Metallic beige coloured shaft
  • Finished with collar and rubber ferrule

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