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Wood Effect Textured Handled Adjustable Stick

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This walking stick is available in both right and left hand models. The comfort style handle fits comfortably in the palm of either hand. These type of canes are often purchased in a pair for those who use a walking stick a lot during the day. You can adjust the height of the aluminium shaft from 66cm to 88cm. The handle is textured for a good grip and moulded to the shape of the left or right hand depending on which stick you buy. This stick is ready to use with a wrist cord and rubber ferrule already fitted.

  • Order code 52sr and 52sl
  • Left and right hand models
  • Aluminium height adjustable from 66 to 88cm
  • Textured handle for good grip
  • Fischer handle fits the shape of the palm
  • Weight 300 grams
  • Complete with rubber ferrule and wrist strap
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