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Bronze Finish Adjustable Anatomical Walking Stick

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The left hand stick is only available now, not the right. The total height can be changed from 30 to 40 inches tall. The left hand stick is supplied with a rubber ferrule and a wrist strap already attached. The comfort handle is very comfortable to grip and is made from a polyester resin material, no latex at all. A recent review, Excellent, wish I'd found these before These sticks are everything I hoped to find, and haven't up till now. They are first of all long enough, combined with light enough (bigger sticks are usually too heavy), and then the wonderful ergonomic handles which ease the wrist pain and spread the weight. And to top it all they are smart but discreet and excellent colour.

  • Order code 52rz and 52lz
  • Height Adjustable 30 to 40 inches
  • Weight 300g (10 ounces)
  • Complete with rubber ferrule
  • Bronze Finish Aluminium Shaft
  • Polyester Resin Handle, finished with a brass collar
  • Super comfortable handle designed to fit the palm
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