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Drop-Me-Not Cane Holder

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The Drop-Me-Not was originally used in hospital bathrooms for hygiene reasons but demand from the public has been growing for some time. They are useful in bathrooms, kitchens, by the bed, shop counters, the list is endless. I was on crutches for a while last year and really appreciate the peace of mind knowing that crutches or sticks are not going to slide and fall over.

  • Order code 5305
  • Dropmenot wall mounted cane holder, grey
  • Dimensions 125mm wide x 70mm deep x 35mm high. Item weight125g.
  • The Dropmenot is made from durable dark grey plastic with pale grey fingers, to discreetly harmonise with interior decorative schemes
  • Each package contains one Dropmenot holder, two hexagonal bolts, three wood screws and an Allen key.
  • An excellent device for anyone who has struggled to find somewhere to rest their walking stick, crutches or umbrella.
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