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Walking Stick Accessories

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These accessories are all very useful for various types of walking sticks and crutches. Please go to the page Walking Stick Accessories » Ferrules in the muenu above, if you are looking for rubber or metal ferrules to go over the tip of your walking stick. Our walking stick accessories are sent out using Royal Mail.

Wrist Cord

Wrist Cord WR

Drop-Me-Not Cane Holder

Drop-Me-Not Cane Holder 5305

Ice Grip Ferrule

Ice Grip Ferrule icew

Cane Holder

Cane Holder wr7

Carry Wallet

Carry Wallet CP

Folding Stick Clip

Folding Stick Clip 4824b

Replacement Tippling Stick Flask

Replacement Tippling Stick Flask FL

Replacement Sponge Handle

Replacement Sponge Handle SP

Add Engraving

Add Engraving ENGR

Crop Service

Crop Service CROP

Additional Payment

Additional Payment APP


Walking Sticks are Made Better with the Addition of Some Accessories

The walking sticks we supply are made for their purpose (except the novelty walking canes) and you can add a couple of useful accessories to make them even more practical.

Don't Drop Your Walking Stick

You can avoid dropping your walking stick or leaving it behind but adding a wrist strap or cane holder to your order. The wrist straps have an elasticated loop that goes over the tip of the walking stick and is pushed up to below the handle. Then put your hand throught the loop and hey presto! 
The cane holders are useful for situations such as sitting at a table in a cafe. The cane holder is made from soft rubber that grips around the shaft of your walking stick and then can be hooked onto the edge of a table, even a round table. There is nothing more annoying than dropping a walking stick and chipping the handle.

The Holding Cliip for Folding Walking Sticks

The holding clip for folding walking sticks is a simple but brilliant device to keep the sections of your folding walking stick together when it is in your bag. The folding sticks are made from 4 or 5 sections that are held together by a bungee cord running the length of the stick. When you fold it up, the sections will quickly snap back together again into one as soon as you let go. The holding clip pushes on over the folded stick to keep it together, a very worthwhile accessory.

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