Carved Owl Sticks

Carved Owl Antler Topper Walking Sticks
  Carved Owl Antler Topper Walking Sticks

Handmade Owl Stick

Have you ever seen anything so beautiful? These walking sticks have red stag antler handles that have hand carved barn owl faces in the crowns. These first two commisioned by us actually have personality and character, they are truly amazing.

Trudy says, “How do I make them?
It’s a case of simply going with the natural grain of the antler crown. Sometimes, I can ‘see’ the animal or bird in there already. I have no advance plan as every antler carves very differently.
Everything is hand carved and hand filed to get the overall shape, I then burn in the small details to accentuate them. Once that’s done, I drill and insert carefully chosen handmade glass eyes.
When I’m happy with the carving and detail, I clean the antler crown, then polish with 3 different grades of polish to seal and protect the carved antler.”
When these two are sold, we will be buying them to order, so allow 4 weeks for delivery.


Quickthorn Shanks Now Available in Stick Making Section

Stickmakers listen up! The new quicktorn shanks are 150cm in length, perfect for tall stick projects. Now in stock and available to purchase on the website, these shanks are supplied with a metal ferrule tip already fitted.
Quickthorn is another name for Hawthorn and like all thorn trees the branches are oval in cross section and are covered in thorns in the wild. For these shanks the branches have their thorns removed and the wood is dried for at least two years and then steam straightened.
Quickthorn (or Hawthorn) Walking Stick Shank for Stick Making


New Walking Sticks Now In Stock

We have just added a few new walking sticks to our websites. We are always on the lookout for interesting or different sticks to add and here are the latest. Please click on any of the images of the sticks below to be directed to the website for more information or to buy one. Thank you.
1. A Gloss Black Carbon Fibre Tippling Stick
This is an all black walking stick made from super tough carbon fibre with a plexiglass cap handle. Hidden inside the top third of the shank is a glass phial to conceal a few measures of your favourite tipple.
Tippling Stick in Gloss Black
2. A hand carved duck’s head on natural hazel shank.
This is a tall stick made from English hazel wood. The top is hand carved and then flame scorched to create a really beautiful effect. A perfect gift for the nature lover, we can also add an engraved brass plaque to wrap around the shank. This service costs £18 and adds an extra 2 to 3 days onto your order delivery time.
Hand Carved Duck Stick
3. A Gold Coloured Skull Walking Stick
A new addition to the skull head sticks page! We now have a silver plated skull, a black skull with Swarovski crystal eyes and now a golden one!
A skull walking stick is what is know as a “Morituri” or a “Memento mori”, a reminder of our own longevity.
Its also a glitzy and fun object for parties and dressing up. The skull handle is gold painted resin.
Gold Painted Skull Walking Stick
4. A Hand Carved Market Stick on Hazel
A market stick is a traditional stick to lean on while talking to people or watching the sheep. These are individually hand carved (which takes hours and hours) and then mounted on to an English hazel shank with a steel insert for extra stability and strength.
Hand Carved Market Stick
5. Embossed Patterned Chrome Crutch Handled Walking Cane
This smart walking stick is for special occasions and evenings out. We now have quite a large range of silver and chrome plate sticks in stock.
Embossed Patterned Chrome Plate Cane
6. A Super Sized Real Irish Blackthorn Stick
This stick is enormous! It you have been looking for an extra stout, extra tall ( 138cm) and heavy (1.24kg) Irish blackthorn stick then we have just the one for you. The thorns have been cut by the stick maker but he has left the knobbly bits to great effect. The shank is not straightened but that just gives this fantastic stick even more character.  Note: definitely not for girls :)
Real Extra Large Irish Blackthorn Stick

Get a Hand Carved Replica of your Pet for a Walking Stick Handle

We now offer a special bespoke service to have your pet’s head hand carved in wood to go on top of a walking stick of your choice. The handle is painstakingly carved by hand using photographs sent to us as a guide. Then it is hand painted and mounted onto a walking stick shank.

For the shank, you can choose from a turned beech wood, natural chestnut or hazel. Then there’s the option of a copper, brass or nickel collar with or without a name, date or some initials engraved into it.

The gentleman who makes these beautiful walking sticks, trained as an engineer so he likes to make things perfect and fully functional as well as pleasing to the eye. Carving work like this takes hours and hours, but the result is amazing and you will have something to cherish forever.

The lead time for this work is typically between 4 and 6 weeks.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

The photo below is a current stick being made for the owner of Oscar the dog.

Hand Carved Walking Stick Handle
Hand Carved Walking Stick Handle of a Dog Made to Order

We Now Sell Thumbsticks and Staves with Magnetic Tops

Bought in from a local stick maker, all the elements used to make these walking sticks are sourced and/or made locally. The handles have a powerful magnet in-bedded in the tops enabling the user to pick up their dropped keys or spent gun cartridges from the ground, without having to bend down to pick them up.

The magnet is built in to the handle and not the base to prevent the user from collecting up all sorts of rubbish while out walking. You need only to flip the stick upside down to pick things up.

The stick maker makes the sticks at a height that the user can lean on arms folded while out in the field. We can however, have these walking sticks made at any height you need and with a choice of different handles.

We have a feeling that these practical sticks won’t just be popular amongst people who go out shooting game. They are just as useful around the house to pick up dropped keys and things for people who have difficulty bending.

These complete walking sticks are made to the usual high standard that all of our handmade sticks meet. The shanks are selected, cut, dried for two to three years and then steam straightened. The handles are fitted to the shanks with a steel connecting rod, a horn spacer is added between the handle and the shank to make a seamless finish.

The sticks are then polished and finished with Danish oil and a brass ferrule attached to the tip.

Many hours of careful, thoughtful and creative work goes into stick making which you will appreciate when you hold the finished item in your hands.

Please click on the images below to buy one of these great sticks or contact us by email or telephone via the website if you want one made at a particular height for you.

Handmade Magnetic Top Stick
Handmade Magnetic Top Stick
Antler Thumb Stick with Magnet
Antler Thumb Stick with Magnet


We Have Just Added Some New Walking Sticks to the Site

We have just added a few new walking sticks to . We will also be adding some more next month, including some brilliant new handmade sticks from a local stick maker.

New – Black Knobstick in Standard and Extra Tall Sizes
These two knobsticks were added due to a constant demand for the ever-popular blackthorn. For taller people, choose the extra tall at 99cm. The standard stick is 92cm tall.

Blackthorn Knobstick in Two Sizes
Blackthorn Knobstick in Two Sizes

New – Elite Walker Seat Stick with Rubber Tip
This new seat stick is available in black or green and has a rubber ferrule tip. It is height adjustable and very robust.

Elite Walker Seat Stick
Elite Walker Seat Stick

New – Adjustable Navy,Cream & Brown Check Umbrella Stick
This is a high quality and very smart looking walking stick and rain umbrella all in one. It is height adjustable from 87 to 95cm total height and so is suitable for a large range of user heights.

Our umbrella sticks make great presents because they look so nice and you are not really buying a walking stick, its an umbrella!

Cream, Brown and Navy Umbrella Stick
Cream, Brown and Navy Umbrella Stick

New- Black Crook Stick with Graphite Coloured Handle
This is another tall stick at a total height to the top of the handle of 96cm. The acrylic crook handle has a lovely shimmer to it, giving it the appearance of graphite. The shank is wooden with a mat black paint applied.

We can shorten this walking stick to any height you require.

Graphite Crook Walking Stick
Graphite Crook Walking Stick

New – Funky Chequerboard Folding Walking Stick
This stick has been added to the standard folding sticks range. We didn’t have a design like this one so we added it on. This is an eye-catching fun walking stick for those looking for something a little different.

Multi Coloured Chequerboard Folding Walking Stick
Multi Coloured Chequerboard Folding Walking Stick


New Colourful Printed Umbrellas

We are delighted to announce the addition of some beautiful new rain umbrellas to the website. We have eleven new designs in stock and ready to buy now. All of the umbrellas are in bold and bright colours with a silhouette of an animal on each of the eight panels of each canopy. Each panel has one large silhouette to make a really eye-catching design.

The umbrellas have a metal tip which is strong (just like a walking stick tip) and a wooden crook handle. When the umbrella is folded up, it can be used as a crook handled walking stick.

We hope you like the new designs! Click on the images below to have a browse or to buy. The umbrellas are just £25 plus P+P and make lovely gifts.

Rabbit Motif Rain Umbrella

Owl Umbrella Walking Stick


Swarovski Crystal Walking Sticks

We are happy to announce our new Swarovski crystal elements embellishing service on our walking sticks. We can add a design of your choice, some initials, a name or whatever you like to most of the sticks we sell on the website.

Swarovski crystals are 21 sided cut glass crystals that can be glued on to virtually anything. The many facets of each crystal bounce lights and colour wherever you go and they look particularly good in full sunshine or under lights on a night out.

The crystals are cut in various colours and sizes so you can definitely put your own mark on your walking stick.

All crystal work undertaken is priced individually, and depends on the size and colour of crystals, the complexity of the design and how many crystals to be used. Call us today on 0208 123 8042 to discuss your requirements or drop us an email via the website.

We also have 14 crystal walking canes in stock and ready to purchase. Chose from formal, elegant evening canes with crystal encrusted handles or fully “blinged” brass walking sticks that are entirely covered in crystals.

Please click on the following links for more information

Made to order and stock crystal walking canes

Whatever you want, we can make.

Swarovski Crystal Walking Cane
Swarovski Crystal Walking Cane

Come and See our Latest Handmade Sticks

We have just bought in another lovely batch of handmade walking sticks for your perusal. Most of them feature twisty hazel shanks or handles, making them very rare and special indeed. The “twist” occurs as the honey suckle plant grows around and around the hazel tree and as they grow up together, a beautiful natural twist is produced in the hazel.

The twist part makes a great handle as it is very comfortable to hold in either hand. The wood used to make these sticks is grown, dried, seasoned and straightened locally (East Anglia) and every other part of the stick is hand turned or handmade.

Click on the image below to take a look…

Handmade Sticks Selection
Handmade Sticks Selection

This batch also includes one of the thumbsticks with a pointy antler handle. These handles are also a rarity. Out of each red deer antler you can usually cut three handles; a crown handle, a thumbstick handle and a plain handle, that is as long as the antler is the correct size. Finding a pointy tipped thumbstick handle that you don’t need to cap with wood or horn and the base will fit nicely on to a shank is probably about 1 in 100, probably more.

We have got to know more than we thought was possible about stick making and the raw materials used and with something natural like deer antlers, each antler is different.

We do also buy the raw materials for stick making so if you can supply antler, horn or metal ferrules and collars, please get in touch.

A Nice New Selection of Walking Sticks Now In Stock

We have just added 5 new handmade walking sticks from our local stick maker. His work is in a class of its own and they really must be seen to be believed. I took the best pictures I could to display the sticks in all their glory online so hover over each picture for an enlarged view.

Four of the handmade sticks are one-piece sticks. That means they have been made from just a single piece of wood. This type of stick makes for a really strong and reliable, safe walking stick as there aren’t any weaknesses where the handle would join the shank etc.

The choices this time are; an extra tall blackthorn knobstick, a T-handled blackthorn stick and two hand carved 140cm tall sticks. Both of the hand carved sticks have involved many, many hours of cutting, shaping, sanding and polishing the tops to produce two really beautiful and original sticks.

The other handmade one is a hazel thumbstick with a red stag antler topper. The antler is particularly attractive as it is a slender shape with very pointy tips or tines. As the tines are so pointy there was no need to cap them with wood or buffalo horn as is usually done with this type of stick.

We have also added another height adjustable derby walking stick with a shock absorbing spring. This one has a black aluminium shaft and a burgandy coloured handle. The height can be adjusted between 67.5 and 92cm in 2.5 cm increments. The other shock absorbing sticks we sell on the website are so popular that we thought we would add another one to the range.

We have recently added a new page to the website which shows just the latest sticks as we add them on, so to view or buy any of the sticks mentioned in this blog post, please click on the link below. Thank you!

New Walking Sticks

Hand Carved Leg Cleek
Hand Carved Leg Cleek