Swarovski Crystal Walking Sticks

We are happy to announce our new Swarovski crystal elements embellishing service on our walking sticks. We can add a design of your choice, some initials, a name or whatever you like to most of the sticks we sell on the website.

Swarovski crystals are 21 sided cut glass crystals that can be glued on to virtually anything. The many facets of each crystal bounce lights and colour wherever you go and they look particularly good in full sunshine or under lights on a night out.

The crystals are cut in various colours and sizes so you can definitely put your own mark on your walking stick.

All crystal work undertaken is priced individually, and depends on the size and colour of crystals, the complexity of the design and how many crystals to be used. Call us today on 0208 123 8042 to discuss your requirements or drop us an email via the website.

We also have 14 crystal walking canes in stock and ready to purchase. Chose from formal, elegant evening canes with crystal encrusted handles or fully “blinged” brass walking sticks that are entirely covered in crystals.

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Made to order and stock crystal walking canes

Whatever you want, we can make.

Swarovski Crystal Walking Cane

Swarovski Crystal Walking Cane

Come and See our Latest Handmade Sticks

We have just bought in another lovely batch of handmade walking sticks for your perusal. Most of them feature twisty hazel shanks or handles, making them very rare and special indeed. The “twist” occurs as the honey suckle plant grows around and around the hazel tree and as they grow up together, a beautiful natural twist is produced in the hazel.

The twist part makes a great handle as it is very comfortable to hold in either hand. The wood used to make these sticks is grown, dried, seasoned and straightened locally (East Anglia) and every other part of the stick is hand turned or handmade.

Click on the image below to take a look…

Handmade Sticks Selection

Handmade Sticks Selection

This batch also includes one of the thumbsticks with a pointy antler handle. These handles are also a rarity. Out of each red deer antler you can usually cut three handles; a crown handle, a thumbstick handle and a plain handle, that is as long as the antler is the correct size. Finding a pointy tipped thumbstick handle that you don’t need to cap with wood or horn and the base will fit nicely on to a shank is probably about 1 in 100, probably more.

We have got to know more than we thought was possible about stick making and the raw materials used and with something natural like deer antlers, each antler is different.

We do also buy the raw materials for stick making so if you can supply antler, horn or metal ferrules and collars, please get in touch.

A Nice New Selection of Walking Sticks Now In Stock

We have just added 5 new handmade walking sticks from our local stick maker. His work is in a class of its own and they really must be seen to be believed. I took the best pictures I could to display the sticks in all their glory online so hover over each picture for an enlarged view.

Four of the handmade sticks are one-piece sticks. That means they have been made from just a single piece of wood. This type of stick makes for a really strong and reliable, safe walking stick as there aren’t any weaknesses where the handle would join the shank etc.

The choices this time are; an extra tall blackthorn knobstick, a T-handled blackthorn stick and two hand carved 140cm tall sticks. Both of the hand carved sticks have involved many, many hours of cutting, shaping, sanding and polishing the tops to produce two really beautiful and original sticks.

The other handmade one is a hazel thumbstick with a red stag antler topper. The antler is particularly attractive as it is a slender shape with very pointy tips or tines. As the tines are so pointy there was no need to cap them with wood or buffalo horn as is usually done with this type of stick.

We have also added another height adjustable derby walking stick with a shock absorbing spring. This one has a black aluminium shaft and a burgandy coloured handle. The height can be adjusted between 67.5 and 92cm in 2.5 cm increments. The other shock absorbing sticks we sell on the website are so popular that we thought we would add another one to the range.

We have recently added a new page to the website which shows just the latest sticks as we add them on, so to view or buy any of the sticks mentioned in this blog post, please click on the link below. Thank you!

New Walking Sticks

Hand Carved Leg Cleek

Hand Carved Leg Cleek

New Self-Standing Walking Sticks Now in Stock

Isn’t it great when an everyday object gets reinvented. Check out these fantastic new walking sticks from France.
Winners of three design awards in France and CE marked, these amazing walking sticks are self-standing so no more worries about dropping your stick on the floor and spoiling the handle.

Click on the image below to go shopping!

Self-Standing Walking Stick

Self-Standing Walking Stick

The sticks themselves are made from carbon fibre and the handles from fibre glass making them extremely light. The base is made from stainless steel and is where all the weight is, to keep the stick from falling over. The base is 6.5cm in diameter and has a removeable rubber end for a secure grip.

Because the base is heavy, it walks with a nice swing so that you don’t need to apply any effort with your wrist or arm.

The carbon fibre shafts have a silver/grey sleek finish and the fibre glass handles are black.
This is the kind of walking stick that will attract a lot of attention and questions and, I think, could change your life!

If the stick does fall over (in the wind for example) you pick it up by pressing the base with the side of your foot and the handle will spring back into your hand, brilliant!

Tango Walking Cane

Tango Walking Cane

These clever walking sticks are available in 5 different heights, 80, 82.5, 85, 87.5 and 90cm and the rubber base covers are available in beige, lime green, light blue, orange and red.

We also stock other self-standing walking sticks called quad canes, so-called because they have four feet.

More New Walking Sticks Now Arrived

We have just added a few new walking sticks; 3 new handmade sticks and two new adjustable derby canes.

The handmade sticks are made by craftsmen in Norfolk, England where there is a strong tradition in stick-making. We have added a nice one-piece blackthorn wood stick with a beautiful colour. It is light and comfortable to hold and it looks like the tree grew it specifically for use as a walking stick!

Blackthorn Walking Stick

Blackthorn Walking Stick

We have three of the knobsticks shown below available. They all have English hazel wood shafts and two with sycamore handles and one with an ash wood handle. These three are neat, well-made sticks and great value for money. Again the stick-maker has made them look entirely natural and as if no work what so ever has gone into the production!

Hazel and Ash Knobstick

Hazel and Ash Knobstick

The two Derby handled adjustable sticks are the tartan and the all-patterned floral stick. The height adjustable aluminium sticks are one of our best-selling sticks as they are light weight, easy to adjust, easy to stowaway and they look really nice.

If any of these sticks (or any others on the website) take your fancy, please use order code freepostage and get them delivered to your UK address for FREE. Please also tell your friends!

Blue Tartan Walking Stick

Blue Tartan Walking Stick

For When Its Raining Cats and Dogs

Browse our range of rain umbrellas in bright colours and fun designs with wooden walking stick style crook handles.
Just the ticket when it’s raining cats and dogs, these umbrellas are available in 36 beautiful designs. From Jack Russells and Yorkshire Terriers to Labradors and Poodles, you are sure to find a design that pleases you. The bright colours used and the size of the silhouettes on each of the eight panels on each umbrella combine to make really attractive umbrellas that everyone will envy!
Click on the image below to go shopping!
Cats and Dogs Rain Umbrellas

Cats and Dogs Rain Umbrellas

These fun, functional rain umbrellas double up as walking sticks. The 12 inch deep and 48 inch wide waterproof canopy offers excellent protection from the elements! The materials used it the construction of these beautiful brollies are of the highest quality; fibreglass ribs, steel shaft and a high quality polyester (called Pongee) canopy.
If you are looking for a strong, durable, wind-resistant rain umbrella with a steel shaft, fibreglass ribs and wooden walking stick style crook handle you have found the right page!

New Handmade Antler Handled Sticks Just In

Stick collectors listen up! Check out these beauties! We have just taken stock of this beautiful selection of sticks completely handmade from local materials by a local stick maker.

Handmade Antler Handled Sticks on Twisty Hazel and Blackthorn Woods.

Handmade Antler Handled Sticks on Twisty Hazel and Blackthorn Woods.

The shanks are mostly twisty English hazel, all rare and special and some have the strangulating honeysuckle bonded in as well. The honeysuckle is the reason why the hazel shoots grew with a twist as the two plants grew together. This creates a really lovely and individual effect that is hard to find.

One stick has a blackthorn shank, again rare to find again very beautiful to behold. The colours on the blackthorn are deep, rich reds that contrast beautifully with the red deer antler handle.

Now to the handles. They are made with a part of the red deer antler known as the “antler roll”. The roll is usually used to make an upright handle for a hiking or beagling staff but this time it has been used in a horizontal position to make a cross head or T – shaped handle.

The handle and the shank both have steel rods inside to give superior strength and as usual with the handmade sticks, the shanks have been stored and dried for two years and then steam straightened. The antler handles have wooden caps on both ends. Some have English Oak, some Walnut and some Laburnum. The Laburnum is the most amazing I find. This poisonous wood has been cut, turned and polished so beautifully that ,with it’s gold and brown stripes, it resembles Tiger’s Eye stone.

These sticks are very beautiful, made very well and are both lightweight and strong. Snap one up today as there are only 8!

New Walking Sticks & Discontinued Lines

The beginning of 2014 sees a bit of a shake up regarding our walking stick stock. Some are brand new with some more new ones this month and next month and we have some that are now discontinued.

Among the discontinued are some of the adjustable crutch handled sticks, some collector’s canes and the hand-carved tall wooden walking sticks.

For the new ones, we have some new collectible sticks with famous people toppers, a new Fischer handled cane, two new wading staffs and Nordic walking poles.

Next month we are adding some new ferrules, new crutches, new Derby handled walking sticks, new collectible canes, new hand-carved and of course some more lovely handmade sticks.

It’s always nice to update the site with new products. It keeps things fresh and interesting and it’s amazing how the humble walking stick can vary so much!

After nearly ten years of trading (we will be celebrating our tenth year in 2015) we know more than we thought possible about walking sticks!

New Wading Staffs for Fast Water Fishermen

We have been selling traditional wooden wading staffs for a long time now and we have just added two aluminium/stainless steel models to the website.

Just like the wooden wading staffs, these new metal ones have a weighted end so that it doesn’t float off down the river when you are out fishing. There is a choice of a heavy weight (1.2kg) or medium (500g) staff depending on where you want to go fishing. The heavy weight one is designed to be used in fast moving water such as fast rivers and the medium weight is for slowing moving water or lakes.

Also like the wooden variety, these wading staffs have a Lanyard which is a releasable strap that can be wrapped around the body. An extra great feature is the nomograph which is a length to weight measure. You can measure your salmon catch by laying the fish down next to the wading stick and read off the length which gives you the weight too.

Aluminium/Stainless Steel Wading Staffs

Aluminium/Stainless Steel Wading Staffs

The Sharpes wading staffs are designed and made in Aberdeen, Scotland. Sharpes of Aberdeen have been selling fishing supplies since 1920 and the range includes fishing rods, fly rods, nets and tackle. They are based next door to the River Deveron which provides an excellent testing environment for all of their products.

Click on the image or the following link to buy one of these fantastic wading staffs:

Buy a new wading staff

Try Nordic Walking With Our New Walking Poles

You must have heard about or seen people Nordic walking somewhere near you?! It’s walking but not as we know it… You use special Nordic walking poles to work the muscles in your upper body as well as in your legs, making it a really good all-round exercise. The poles also give you support so even though it’s more of a work out than regular walking, it doesn’t feel like it as you get extra support and propulsion from the poles.

Nordic walking is pretty big. You can find lots of information, research, how to do it and how to find groups near you on the internet.

The only thing you need are some poles which you can now purchase on the website from us: Buy Nordic Walking Poles Here 

Need more convincing? Read the benefits below:

Benefits to your health and body

Tones the upper and lower body together

Uses 90% of the skeletal muscles

Improves overall fitness and flexibility

Reduces the pressure on the knees and other joints

Great for the Heart and Lungs ( a good cardio-respiratory work-out)

Ideal for neck, shoulder and back problems

Poles propel the walker along, making it easier to move faster than normal without feeling the effort.


More Benefits!

Can be done anywhere – town or country, hills or no hills!

It appeals to all fitness levels and ages.

No special clothing needed

It’s very sociable;walking groups can be found all over

It is easy to learn and to keep up.

It combines exercise with being out in nature which has been proven to boost one’s general feeling of well-being.