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Handmade Sticks

We have a lovely selection of handmade walking sticks.
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New! Brollies

Browse our new range of walking stick umbrellas.
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If you're buying on behalf of the NHS you can receive a discount. Click here to find out more.

Welcome to Walking Sticks Online!

We have over 600 different walking sticks in stock for you to choose from, with new sticks and accessories added every month!

24 hour and saturday UK delivery available, overseas delivery and quantity discounts on all lines.

Rams Horn and Stag Antler Walking Sticks
Collectible Walking Canes
Market Stick and Shepherds Crooks
Handmade and Hand Carved Walking Sticks
Swarovski Crystal Walking Canes
Gift Ideas
Crook Handled Walking Sticks
Wooden Derby Walking Canes
Wooden Crutch Walking Canes
Silver, Chrome and Brass Plated Walking Sticks
Height Adjustable Derby Walking Sticks
Height Adjustable Crutch Walking Sticks
Height Adjustable Comfort Handled Walking Sticks
Folding Walking Sticks
Anatomical Fischer Handled Walking Sticks
Tippling Canes
Cross Head Walking Sticks
Blackthorn Walking Sticks and Shillelagh
Thumbsticks and Wading Sticks
Hiking Sticks and Hiking Poles
Nordic Walking Poles
Shooting Sticks
Flip Sticks and Folding Seats
Walking Stick Accessories
Stick Making Supplies and Kits
Extra Long, Strong and Short Walking Sticks
Medical Walking Sticks
Umbrella Walking Sticks
Rain Umbrellas
Shopping Trolleys

We know more than we thought was possible to know about walking canes. We have a comprehensive range in stock and are ready to advise you on which walking stick is right for you.

Please read our customer comments about our walking sticks and our customer service. We pride ourselves on providing the best customer service and we always try to deliver every last minute order. So, if you need 40 silver plated walking sticks or 60 thumbsticks by tomorrow morning, then just ask us!

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